Teachers Ta Thi Quyen Spread Their Hearts About The Prospect Of Orchids After Gaze

As a successful start-up from orchids, Ms. Ta Thi Quyen in Tuyen Quang trusted the vibrant orchid market back after gaze. The story of getting rich from the orchid of Ta Thi Quyen. After 4 Stick with orchids, teachers Ta Thi Tu born in 1984 in Tuyen Quang City with an area of 140m2 invested in technology 4.0 adapt to every fluctuation of the weather to ensure orchids to develop four seasons

. Now, her Lan Garden has preserved many precious orchid varieties. Before the pandemic, this place attracted a lot of customers to buy daily customers from all over the country and trading channels over the social network, buying directly at the garden. However, recently, disease development Strong outbreaks on a large scale, have affected the development of the sectors, including the sector of the plants in general, orchids in particular
Market of orchids are quiet, less transactions, especially large value transactions. The prize on this, Ms. Ta Thi Quyen said: "Part of the market duplicated recently due to the general impact of the condition Socio-economy after a long time against the epidemic. With the orchid industry, it is less affected by most of the gardeners who have applied technology 4.0 in care, the transaction is done on the The number platform is mainly. However, due to many localities made by social ways according to the 16th direction, the construction of the garden expansion, as well as the transportation of supplies and prices to the garden materials is difficult Towels. When new gardens or old gardens cannot expand the scale, it will affect demand. This leads to less vibrant markets than the previous period ". Teachers Ta Thi Quyen with Great Diep Lan Beautiful also follows teachers Ta Thi Quyen, with those who have a farming experience, available sources of seedlings in the garden and have accumulated themselves a certain amount of capital, the job Lan markets are quiet, less vibrant transactions do not affect many physical and mental conditions such as other industries. "Orchid still develops daily, although its price increases or decreases, players spread Still taking care of a careful orchid despite the vibrant market or not
Therefore, orchids still grow and develop normally, finished orchids will accumulate more, especially precious orchids. This is also an abundant supply so that a stable LAN market will help many people have more access opportunities. Many rare orchid genical resources thanks to those times like this will be better preserved and developed when the market is overheated, "Ta Tuy Quyen Ly prizes. Ta Thi Quyen teaches care The teacher Ta Thi Quyen also recognizes, the market of orchids after a long time to grow too hot, many phenomena to eat by profit scams, hot business rush to mobilize money at all costs to invest in flowers Lan has brought many lots of Africa for orchids, as well as Lan players. So, the market "stops" is the time for the market to eliminate its "disabilities". "I think later Verities like this, many Lan players will draw themselves useful lessons. Wanting to make money from orchids, first of all, it is really passionate about it, understanding the ecological characteristics, asking the exterior to take care of the best orchids. The market will eliminate deviant trends, spreads to turn orchids into derivative financial products. Someday, only what the most true ... ", Ta Thi Quyen's teacher analyzed. Now this teacher Ta Thi Quyen has captured the ecological characteristics of each type of lane about the prospects of the market The Lan School in the coming time, Ta Ta Thi Quyen expressed optimism about the vibrant development again according to the principles "after the rain in the sky and had more seven rainbow colors." "I agree With the opinions of many people when it argues, the market after a period of adjustment according to the total demand phase will tend to return in the direction of increasing the total supply when the epidemic socio-economic condition is restored. Certainly so. Many previous precious orchid varieties are not buying, this is an opportunity for real enthusiasts, investment really has the opportunity to access reasonable prices ... ", Ta Thi Quyen said more. Ta Thi Quyen teacher is evaluated as a boldly starting job from Lan Lan Lan Lan Ta Thi Quyen is the familiar address of Lan Lan on the site connecting and sharing with Lan Xa Garden Quyen https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009111721311

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