Techcombank Pioneer ‘cloud First’ With Aws To Convert Customer Experience

Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon company as a partner to provide cloud computing services, to enhance the experience of customers.Techcombank will move Most applications from the Bank's Data Center on Amazon Web Servicestechcombank's cloud server service will effectively exploit the strength of AWS's deep cloud service strips to realize vision. " Converting the financial sector, raising the value of life ", thereby promoting the rapid development of new innovative products and services, and facilitates the people of Vietnam, businesses and group growth Sustainable. Long-term cooperation agreement will focus on improving cloud computing capacity for bank staff, to equip access and proficiency capacity of the world's leading cloud service AWS, while promoting cooperation between information technology team and business units to promote brightness Quick and continuously. With AWS, Techcombank will ensure the stability and scalability of the technology system, thereby providing the best digital financial services to customers, while compliance with the highest compliance Regulations on security and safety

. Techcombank's "Financial Transformation, Lifestive Validity" requires capacity to deploy new services quickly and differently to large-scale customers With cost effective. Promoting that vision, as well as positioning the difference in the market, Techcombank determined that cloud computing technology is an indispensable part of the bank's strategy and enforcement plan.Techcombank will move largely Applications from the Bank's data center to AWS, to promote the strength of the scalability of cloud computing, and build integrated data platform to optimize the data analysis feature on the above data Cloud
This platform will support the Bank to make a decision-making in real time (Real-time), enhance the ability to understand customers, promote new products and services, while improving guest services Online goods and experience. In part of the cooperation agreement between Techcombank and AWS, AWS will support Techcombank to build and promote creative and digital human resource development programs. These new capabilities will help banks adapt faster with customer requirements, shorten the time to deploy solutions to customers, helping to increase the difference of Techcombank with other financial services organizations In the market.Techcombank is always pioneering and led in technology applications, international standards and new financial solutions for banking activities (single as Basel II, IFRS9, Zero Fee). In the context of financial services in Vietnam, Techcombank is developing closely with AWS to promote the benefits of cloud computing, thereby, completing and promoting the application of cloud computing in the field of finance banking. On the journey to realize the vision "Converting the financial industry, raising the value of life", Techcombank invests in training programs to improve capacity for employees and plays Trade talents when the bank shifted successfully to AWS. Techcombank Bank will focus on developing human resources, strengthening stability and scalability of technology infrastructure, while promoting development capacity. New creative products and services, to motivate the sustainable and prosperous development of customers. To promote creative environments, and build an adjacent force for the future, Techcombank is optimal Effectively from AWS training programs, including AWS Skills Guild, a comprehensive skill support program Designed to develop cloud computing capacity, for 700 employees. All employees of the Bank will be able to participate in basic cloud training courses on digital platforms
AWS lecturers will directly teach capacity to improve 2,000 students in the next 24 months. Techcombank will provide Cloud Practitioner platform training courses that are certified AWS for non-technical staff, while , Training courses for technical staff will intensively in the cloud conversion technique. Technical training programs have many levels, from medium to advanced, covering architectural topics, application development, learning and security. Techcombank's view includes the establishment of Cloud network Champion, led in the early stages by 25 employees are the leading cloud expert, to guide team capacity and train cloud skills colleagues to promote creativity. Techcombank also applies AWS training network to connect and recruit talents to the Bank. Activities that the banking banks include online jobs and recruitment campaigns focusing on newly completed graduate students who have completed AWS training certificates. At the end of this year, the bank will organize the Domestic

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