Technical Skin Care Time 4.0

For beautiful skin, we must know how to take care of the skin's physiogram. Because each type of skin cell has its own physiological function, there is a limit to enduring external impacts, if exceeding the threshold will be considered a pathology. How to protect the skin during the care? In Care process, need to maintain the integrity of the skin structure. It is estimated that a normal horn cell takes about 28-30 days to move from the bottom to the lowest floor of the horn layer. Normally, every day the horn layer loses a cell row and also has a new cell row Push up the horn layer

. This balance is kept stable thanks to the breeding and differentiation of strictly controlled horn cells. Without flooding but difficult to find beauty is everyone's legitimate needs, especially for sisters. But it is not easy to find yourself a reliable address, understood the skin, moreover, choosing any products to take care of, when there are hundreds of cosmetics offered in the market
Used often to bring psychology "buy a dream" is to buy hope, the effectiveness of the product can be very blind. Simple test, just type the keyword "My pham" on Google, in 0.69 seconds with 97,800,000 related results; Similar to the keyword "portable cosmetics" in 0.66 seconds, google for 26,400,000 related results. Not to mention other keywords such as high-end cosmetics, portable cosmetics from countries such as America, France, Italy, Korea ... consumers "" consumers "have a lot of cosmetic products in the market, but criteria Reusing is difficult to choose for yourself good quality products, clearly the origin. If buying cosmetics unknown origin, poor quality, allergy, skin lesions .
. where doesn't know? Therefore, consumers do not know that themselves, are turning themselves into "white mice" and the consequences of respect is the skin of hurt, difficult to recover. With the physical and complexity of skin cells, To take care of the skin avoiding the impact over the cell tolerance threshold, Chi you need to find yourself skin care address with a team of technicians who understand skin and techniques. In addition, more important factors is a combination of OMC cosmetic pharmaceutical use ( to be able to bring about results.

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