Tell Me How To Make Minced Eggs Quickly And Extremely ‘catch Rice’

How to make meat eggs have nothing complicated, you can refer to the way to do it below! 0:00 / 2: 13 Nam in the busy days without time with the market, you can take advantage of basic ingredients In the kitchen to process attractive minced egg eggs, "Hao rice" for family meals. The meat eggs are not complicated, you can refer to the way to do it below! Meat: 150 gr minor meat.3 Salt duck yolk.1 Duck egg yolk or chicken.3 Ear mushroom mushroom soaked soft, cutting 2 duck egg or chicken

. Simple meat made of meat eggs: Step 1: You give a minced meat into the bowl, beat the eggs, add to the mushroom, 1 Reduce egg reduces with small shreddings. You wedge half a spoon of seasoning seeds, 1.5 Spoons of fish sauce, half a spoon of sugar and pepper and mix well
Press 2: You give meat into a steaming pot about 30 minutes. Then you use Gim toothpicks that are dry, if you are dry, you spread an egg yolk on your face and put salt eggs on top. Continue to steam an additional 15 minutes. It is not complicated by minced eggs. The meat egg eat with white rice will be very delicious. So is only a few easy steps, you've completed the attractive dish from eggs and minced meat already! Note when making a way to make minced eggs: To have the best minced egg eggs, you have to have fresh ingredients. With pork, you should choose light pink meat, white fat in ivory, soft packaging, surface and firing, elastic good. You should not choose too pale or too dark meat, shadow, fascinating flesh and have a lubricating fluid. Minced meat eggs are extremely crushed with chicken eggs, you should choose the type with hard peel, with a thin chalk Surrounding and when shaking light do not see the movement inside means a new egg. If you like to eat soft meat eggs, then before putting a little water in the meat bowl, if for the more water, The egg dish is soft
When cooking, you put the eggs in the meat inside, the dish will be steamed with rice together. , seafood, ... minced meat eggs that promise to be your family's favorite food, especially young children. Wish you success with the way of making minced eggs on here! Portugal (synthetic) Photo: Collectibles

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