Tell You 5 ‘moves’ To Cook Quickly In Hot Summer Days, So That Every Time I Go To The Kitchen Is Not A ‘pole Image’

Some of the tips below can save you stood time and reduce the amount of heat emitted in the kitchen efficient instance.0: 00/2: 12 male hot weather of the summer is a "nightmare" of Holdare siblings every time I have to go to the kitchen to cook for the whole family. The heat of the kitchen and the food rising as the kitchen is no different from "Fire Diem Son" in Journey to the West. However, there are some tips below that can save you stood up time and reduce the amount of heat emitted in the kitchen effectively: 1. Using the tunnel pot is very good to hold heat, the heat is very small

. When using the stew pot, you won't take too much time to watch when cooking the items need to be carefully. Cooking becomes a lot more convenient because the tunnel has a very good heat retention, very little heat. Therefore, using a tunnel is a very reasonable plan for hot days right into the kitchen
2. Using an oven, microwave, electric stove from microwave, oven and electromagnetic stove are also the ideal options of cooking in summer days. You may not know if the microwave can cook a lot of delicious dishes in a short time. Electromagnetic stove also helps you less strenuous when standing with the kitchen, because there is no heat of fire. Besides, using an oven is also a way to save time and effort of cooking. Microwaves can cook a lot of delicious food in a short time.3. Choose preliminary foods available to save cooking time, you can choose ready-made foods in the supermarket, then just cook, seasoning a little bit of delicious food. For example, the fish cans you can buy and put it in the same tomato sauce, right away a salty dish for dinner. Increasing boiled dishes, reducing fried fried dishes with a lot of boiled dishes, limiting fried fried dishes to make summer meals more cool, reducing and easier to eat
With boiled dishes, you don't take a long time to prepare, prepare and cook. So the house of housewife stand is also reduced in the hot sunny days. You should strengthen the boiled dishes on the summer day 5. Close the swing when cooking many people who have a habit of opening up when cooking because they think the swing is not necessarily necessary. However, Vung has a lot of different effects. Swing the pot to protect the amount of nutrients in the food, for more nutritious food without being lost in the stream of steam escaping. Therefore, swing and help you save fuel while reducing cooking time in hot weather. Remember to cover it as needed, even for warehouse, roasting, stir-fried, soup! News (General) Photo: Collectibles

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