‘template’ Of Ngo Yorny, Which Took Away ‘saws’ Hot Girl Hundreds Of Hundreds Of Wins?

Following the scandal of Ngo Yorny, Netizen easily noticed the 'literary' tissue repeated in the chat sections publicly publicly public lover. In addition to the power of a star 'vertex Luu', it is undeniable for 'hearing stocking' drops where 'tra nam' family. And these are the "scoring" steps in the opponent's eyes according to "Cong Wally "of Ngo Yornen was summed up by Netizen after the mission to" throw the mass mesh "to cultivate this C-biz. This model of harmless images, especially those who are" satellite "always scene Getting with the flirt. But when the male gives the opponent to find himself a believable person, approaching them with good purposes, the girls will loosen the room, making it easier to create a more sympathy and this is how Ngo Yorni attacks: " I'm stupid! You're still running around to find love

. "" I like me, just afraid you trick you. "" I won't hurt you? I asked it because of my love May still be afraid of being deceived by others. "Sometimes sweet words are male or female, everyone wants to be" poured "into the ears of confidential words
Gestures and messages are warmly interested at the right time making people vibrate. There is no need to change, just clearly reveal the kindness to be enough for her heart to "smash". "Is normal I'm good? I'm pretty!" "You really just want to meet you soon . We talked to the night all the morning. "" Where to report the situation for you. You have to go to sleep, sleep well. "" What time do you learn? 8h you come to pick me up? Miss you Many! "" Remember me, I miss you, remember you, miss you but don't see you! "" Good! Sleep well, work hard, don't work hard! "Create a feeling of safety Who wants to be someone who makes them worried, skeptical. Ngo Yorni has used his age to make the girls trust. "He was 30 years old, just wanting to find a person to dating love." "I really want to find a girlfriend
I kept meeting you and I won't regret it. "" You are good, so I want to find a better girlfriend. "Seeing the opponent is an ideal model and" drawing "so the future perspective to strengthen the trust of The opponent is what "tra nam" followed by lighting the prospect of a smooth future for both. "Later he would protect his daughter well, he heard a mother teaching daughter For 20 years, how do I protect myself, but don't teach your son from hurting others. He feels really heartbreaking. If they are together, he won't hurt anyone else, Except for the bohemian girls. He feels they will take advantage of him. "" He likes people who look like angels, looking at it very pure, no need for dark makeup, a little simplicity. Certainly, it must be honest T understanding, can sympathize with your work. "After the girls were" sorrying ", tra nam like Ngo Yon Phat" to lower "with determining the dating relationship with the same opponent The saying: "Did you because you're stupidly entrusting all?". The sayings were seen as this "literature" of Ngo Yorniness still being transmitted by Netizen. But instead of learning, netizens believe that this is a sign of awareness and scenes of the girls to avoid investigating men like Ngo Yorny. * The article uses translations from Page "Idol Live" Van Anh

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