Temple Of Sister-in-law For 1 Billion For Children To Raise 8 Years, The Woman Burst Into Tears When He Heard This Girl Said

The sentence of the daughter has made the woman extremely painful and XA.0 pm / 3: 16 male woman in this story familiar with her husband through an eye view. Because they feel the right opponent, both have quickly moved to marriage and have a pretty girl. A time later, thanks to the hard work and effort, the couple saved one The amount to build a new house. However, when he is planning to have a second child, a heart-heart event has happened and robbed the lives of the husband on the construction site when he was working

. His death was no different from the library attack With the woman. Her small family also lost pillars from there. Because the house has just been completed, the savings are all used, the woman only sends a daughter to the husband's house to take care of, and I will go out to work
I was 6 years old, my father was severely ill. , Mother-in-law because she couldn't worry about taking care of her, so she called her home. However, because it was impossible to give up the only attempt work at that time, the woman decided to send her daughter to nurture her sister nurturing.Fast, the sister-in-law was not happy but refused. But when I saw the strawberries promise every month will send to 2000 yuan (approximately 7 million VND) for child support, this person is reluctant to agree. Illustration: Internet source. Being a good male colleague. It was his sincere feeling that he had to help her decide to go step further. Throw the daughter who was about to get a new husband, her ex-husband's parents in his hometown kept scolding. Because of being too warm, the woman decided to pick up her daughter to leave with his current lover
But ironically, when she knew she had her own children, the boy's boy was unhappy. However, because it was pregnant at that time, the woman was only a way to send her daughter back to the old house so that the sister's sister took care of care and made that wedding. The woman has not had a chance to meet his daughter on the countryside once from the wedding. The illustration: Internet source. Source of 8 years passed, when life gradually stabilized, her husband wants to have one Children anymore. Taking this opportunity, the woman asked to bring his own daughter to nurture and get the consent. Then, she returned to her old husband to pick me up. Because I want to thank my sister-in-law to take care of my daughter for a long time, the woman has prepared 30 thousand currencies (approximately 1 billion VND) to send it. That money and made her take many persuasive effort. But in the evening before leaving, when passing through the sister's bedroom, the woman witnessed a scene that made her not removed. Illustration: Internet source. That's the girl image I'm hugging the strawberry sister tightly, always saying I only have a mother. And "Mother" in her sentence of course is not a mother who is the uncle who does not share the blood, taking care of me for a long time. Even, she said she didn't want to follow Mom budged because she didn't deserve to be his mother. These words made the woman in pain to burst into tears ... The next morning, the sister-in-law brought the entire amount of VND 1 billion to return to her. But the woman not only did not receive but also asked to include an additional 20 thousand currency (about VND 700 million) to pick up his child. And her daughter also said she didn't want to go with his mother's mother. After all, the woman could only leave alone in pain. She said that she realized that it seemed that the surface of life made her to lose their intestinal daughter from any time ...

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