Tens Of Millions Of Chinese Youths Choose To Make ‘new Farmer’

Boredom, tens of millions of Chinese young people renouncing modern lifestyle, choosing to make 'new farmer' and enjoy a healthy life, peaceful and millions of Chinese people like Hu Siqin without swept Smoking by modern society, instead they choose to pursue a lifestyle. Photo: AFP.HU Siqin used to have a promising career in Shanghai with a company on the Fortune 500 list and residual money, but under the brilliant light of the big city she still felt a lack of things something - a feeling of what she calls "source". Her action is part of the movement back to the new farm, in which young Chinese experts are giving up looking for frivolous things to find the simple joy of organic, shallow lifestyle karma. "People like I don't feel that the facilities stimulate us and in the depths we are still unhappy," Hu said

. "So we have started thinking, what is the purpose of our life? What am I living for? "In many ways, it is a journey back home. Before the 20th century, China was a mainly agricultural country for thousands of years, with most of the huge population to find ways to make a living from the land. However, the Chinese Communist Party officially encouraged urban Chemistry and migration to developing cities to help bring millions of people from rural poverty and build a more modern economy, towards consumers
But with a measure of prosperity The family has achieved, the attitude of some people is changing. Millions of Chinese young men are increasingly feeling boring by long working time of modern society and small salary, urban congestion and high cost of living, as well as parental pressure on the progress Success and descendants. The hollow center, who has worked in the field of marketing and supply chain for French companies such as L'Oreal personal care giant and Decathlon sports retailer, said That in his career, she "seems to be happy outside, but feels empty inside". She is organic cultivation, do not use pesticides and do not fertilize, crops like sweet potato , long beans and other crops on the land leased with the same directions in Chongming, a large island, mainly agricultural in the outskirts of Shanghai. Hu almost cannot control the excitement when digging sweet potatoes out of the ground and sampling the higher trees growing higher than their heads. "So sweet!", Hu exclaimed while biting in a stalk of the Chinese government, about 20 million people participated in the "new farmer" movement, some of them had millions of people Follow on social networks when they post on their lifestyle. The Chinese government has realized the potential advantage of the technology wave - and the millennium generations of business knowledge bring new ideas As well as enthusiasm for the agricultural sector, capital is dominated by farmers perennial. Since then, the Government decides to invest both in policies and economy. This movement is also related to the efforts of startups that are growing as fast as Pinduoduo, who have the foundation for small farmers Penetrating the Chinese market is expanding to trade fresh products. New people for the "new farmers" like Liang Funa, 34 years old, which is enjoying a healthy, peaceful life and More sustainable
Advertising CEO feels exhausted by too much time and unhealthy lifestyle. "Our generation is under huge pressure and the people who stay in the city cannot see many other choices," he said. "People around them say continuously about buying houses, cars or cars Married, like this is the only successful measure and no other path ".liang, who moved to Chongming three years ago, had to quickly learn a garden while plunging into online support To earn more income. Luckily, British farmers and Internet sites have helped him a lot. Liang's live life is relatively comfortable and he realizes he really needs little goods Consuming. And by just eating your own organic vegetables, he feels healthier, reducing the need to see a doctor. Other.cha Mother of Hu is confused, accusing her "going back" in life. But she doesn't care, and is negotiating long-term lease contracts on a farm of R Her introduction of rural areas of Zhejiang Province near Shanghai. She hopes to sow the first crop in the spring. "I jumped out of my safe area and to a strange and uncertain place, and that was a very profound effect," she said. Orchid flavor

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