Tesla Car Was Investigated For Or Stabbed Into Blinking Things

The US government opened an investigation of the automatic driving system of Tesla after many crops into the residents' parkside residents <: 00/2: 02Nam Namtheo AP, since 2018, AN Management Department The whole National Highway Traffic (NHTSA) recorded 11 races, in which Tesla cars automatically rushed into flashing lights, reflective tables, arrows or a warning Danger. This agency will investigate Model Y, X, S and 3 models, manufactured for a period of 2014-2021. A total of 765,000 vehicles are in affected areas. The decision is officially announced on the website of the NHTSA. The investigation of the Autopilot feature on Tesla cars

. Photo: Ap. A typical crash for this error occurred in 2018 in California (USA). Car Tesla uses automatic driving mode, called autopilot crashing into the fire truck is parked on the road and having emergency lights
According to NHTSA, similar accidents have appeared in many different American states such as Connecticut, Indiana, Texas, Florida. Autopilot mode is often abused by Tesla drivers. There are many cases the driver controls the car in the drunken situation, even sitting in the chair after the vehicle moves on the California.Tesla highway and other manufacturers warning automatic driving mode is only calculated Supporting power, drivers must always be ready to intervene in an emergency situation. Currently, the electric company is founded by the billionaire Elon Musk has not yet commented before the decision of NHTSA. This is not the first time NHTSA investigates Tesla's self-driving feature. Since 2016, the agency has handled at least 30 accidents related to Autopilot, including 10 people who died. The US National Transportation Safety Commission (NTSB), copper investigators The accident of Tesla vehicles recommends that NHTSA and manufacturers limit the use of autopilot in non-safe areas. NTSB also requires Tesla to have a closer management system, avoiding drivers abusing self-driving features. In June, NHTSA requires all automobile manufacturers to report all related accidents Automatic vehicles completely or partially driving support
This move shows that they have a more rigid perspective on the safety of cars automatically compared to before.Apple develops self-driving cars? Many speculation about how Apple will develop self-driving electric vehicles with the project called Project Titan. Apple's first car was expected to be released in 2023-2025.Nguyen Hieu according

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