Tesla Cybertruck Will Stop Production Until The End Of 2022

Elon Musk Confirmation of TESLA CYBERTRUCK electrical load line will not be included in the production line until the end of 2022.0: 00/1: 22 Nam Then first announced in November 2019, Tesla declares Cybertruck will be launched To the market in 2021. However, the US automaker revealed that this plan was undoing until 2022, based on the announcement of financial results in the second quarter of 2021.Tesla Cybertruck has not yet been sold. Photo: Carscoops

.Lelon Musk also confirmed this at a meeting with employees throughout the company. CEOs do not share more about specific time. Even if the situation is more likely, it is likely that Tesla is difficult to meet the order preset until the end of 2023
When Cybertruck is first introduced, many people expect that this will become one of the cars The first electrical load is handed over to customers' hands. However, with the current situation of Tesla, Rivian R1T will become a model to achieve this title when the process handed over to customers about to begin. GMC Hummer EV and Ford F-150 Lightning are most likely Handover to Customers in advance Tesla Cybertrucks.elon Musk Confirmation to stop production of Cybertruck pickup samples until the end of 2022. Photo: Carscoops. Eost of Tesla customers are ready to accept delay delivery. Before that, more information suggested that there were more than 1 million pre-orders for Cybertruck. Basic, this model is likely to become the best-selling electric pickup when officially put into production and Sale of Market.Anh Xuan Source: Carscoops

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