Tesla Invested Nearly 188 Million Usd Expanding Factory In Shanghai

The US Tesla Inc Electric Vehicle Production Company plans to invest 1.2 billion yuan (187.91 million USD) to expand their factory in Shanghai, allowing the company to recruit 4,000 employees Local. Tesla statues at the store in Washington, DC, USA. Photo: AFP / TTXVNTe Beijing Daily said, the above information is from a platform of the Shanghai government on the disclosure of environmental information of companies

. That shows that the expansion of production scale will Allow Tesla to recruit 4,000 employees, lifting the number of people whose factories in Shanghai can recruit to 19,000 people. It is expected that there will be no changes to the models that the factory is manufacturing. The factory in Shanghai Tesla is designed with a capacity of 500,000 automobiles / year and currently capable of producing samples Model 3 and Model Medicine with output 450,000 vehicles / year
Tesla's sales in China are skyrocketing despite the legal pressure on this electric carrier increasing after consumer complaints In terms of product safety and close supervision of how the data processing company. Previously, Tesla said they built a research center and a separate data center in Shanghai Local data storage.Tesla currently moves models 3 produced by China to Europe, where they are building a factory in Germany. According to the Chinese Car Association shows that in October 2021, Tesla has sold 54,391 cars produced by China, including 40,666 units for export. The factory in Shanghai is completely owned Tesla and are the first and only foreign automobile factory in China not due to an operation joint venture ./. Minh Trang (According to Reuters)

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