Tesla Model X Broke The Bird’s Door Because The Driver Played By

It seems that the owner of the Tesla Model X has shown slightly slightly too much when driving on the road that leaves the wing door turned up on the upper instant.0: 00/1: 41 NAMTURY SUBJECTS, this action of the owner Tesla Model X immediately pay price. Photos from the video show that the black X model on the street London, began to plunge from the roadside parking lot while the bird's door side side chairs still turned on .Tesla X Model X deliberately opened the eagle wing door when launching on the Tesla Model X line continued to move on the road and everything was fine until it approached a 2-storey bus. The video recorder is worried but Still believing that the Tesla Model X can overcome dangerous situations that are nearly adjacent

. But Tesla Model X driver can't do it. Model X's bird's wing door slashed in front of the bus, causing it to deform. Returns not only made the Tesla model X models X bent but it is likely to fail both hinges and related electronic devices
out, it also causes some damage to the bus, at least breaking the glass and tearing a part of the body. The spokesman of the city's transport management agency, Transport for London (TFL), already confirmation. "We already know about a trouble on Saturday, related to the 125 online bus in Southgate and a social video on the case," said Tom Cunnington, head of the development department TFL's bus business, said. That's the damage that is not lightly for an attempt to show, but luckily no one is injured after this incident.Tesla Model X is priced from 86,700 USD to 136.700 USD depending on version. The door is opened in the falcon wing type and is opened open only with a push button is one of the highlights of this model. If the door is still open when the X model starts to move, there will be a sound alert and The screen is displayed on the control panel for the driver. By Yen Du, 4 hours ago

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