Tesla Will Face Trouble Questions At Artificial Intelligence

Tesla will have many difficult questions that are difficult to answer about what's happening with the safety survey and how to advertise the system for a complete self-driving system. Test the FSD system on Tesla cars. (Source: Tesla) At the "Autonomy Day" event of the leading automobile manufacturer of USA Tesla took place in April 2019, CEO (CEO) Elon Musk said that in the middle of the year 2020, Tesla will have millions of self-driving cars, the cars are said to help the driver "can sleep" during the trip. Tesla has not achieved the goal on and August 19, CEO Musk will nest A different event with the name "Artificial Intelligence Day" (Ai Day) to advertise this automobile company is a workplace for engineers he needs to perform its promises for self-driving cars . MUSKUSS has argued its statements about the "complete self-driving" system (FSD) in recent months when Tesla cars are still "not completely self-driven

." Head of the Partner Management Department gene Munster of Ventures Loup Venture Investment Fund, said that the expectations of investors have decreased significantly, Tesla will have many difficult questions that are difficult to answer about what is happening with the survey on safety and do How to promote Fox for the FSD system. In the meantime, Goldman Sachs said that at the Ai Day event, Tesla will discuss an AI application for solar energy storage software and advanced production technology in the houses Machine of the company. In the beginning of this week, US regulators opened an investigation of Tesla's aids system by some accidents, including Tesla cars crashing into police cars and fire trucks The US Senator recently called on the US Federal Trade Commission to investigate Tesla's statements about "self-driving cars completely" and "Auto Driving
" National Road Traffic Safety Agency In the US (NHTSA) on August 16 said that since January 2018, this agency has identified 11 accidents, in which Tesla cars have crashed into other means when meeting lights and sea The reflective road or dangerous alerts.NtTa said it was received with 17 injured and one person killed in these collisions ./. Ha Chung (VNA / Vietnam)

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