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The 3 puzzles below will require you to reason as a detective to find answers.1. Four people are queuing waiting for payment of their items. However, one of them stole and hides a watermelon. Who is that person? 2

. A woman called the police and told them to come to her house immediately. When they arrived, she told them that a man wearing a black mask sneaked into the house. After tying her, he robbed the money and disappeared
However, the police did not believe that story and arrested her for the wrong news. Why? 3. A boy asked for a while to go to the Antarctic explorer. His boss agreed, as long as he sent photos to the boss every day to do evidence. So every day the boy sent a photo to the boss, but when he returned to the office, the boss fired him. From these boys sent, how did this boss know that he's not really in Antarctica? Cersei (Brightside)

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