Thai Nguyen: Community Tourism Development In Dinh Hoa

Restoring, conserving and promoting cultural values, traditional history associated with tourism development are granted by the commissioner, the district government determined to be an important task, a long-term strategy. Traditional tea village Xom Phu Ninh, Phu Dinh commune is one of the locations selected by Dinh Hoa district to develop community tourism (photo taken before April 27, 2021) however, the real time shows that conservation has not been mounted with tourism development, not yet promoted with the potential and advantages of the locality. Therefore, Dinh Hoa district is implementing synchronously many solutions to restore, conserve and promote the value of historical relics through community tourism development. Settled Dinh Hoa district has hundreds of ruins History associated with the resistance period against French colonialism. This is a great potential and advantage to develop community tourism

. Moreover, specifying is the place of livelihoods of many ethnic minorities such as Tay, Dao, and San Chi ..
with diverse and unique customs and cultures. Along with that, Dinh Hoa district has high-value scenic scenic scenes in history, science, many ecological locations remain the pristine beauty. Specifically, in the district there are 182 points of relics , including 28 national relics, 28 provincial relics; 13 The relics are in a special national relic complex signed by the Prime Minister. Besides, Dinh Hoa district also has 5 national intangible cultural heritages including the Ceremony of the Tay ethnic group; Tay ethnic dance in Dong Thinh commune, Binh Yen; cage festival; Tay people; Passion of knives. However, in the past years, the tourism sector of Dinh Hoa district grows slowly, not commensurate with the potential and advantages. From that fact, at the XXIV district Party Congress, the term 2020-2025, the District Party Committee Executive Committee agreed to bring community tourism in association with conservation and promotion of cultural values, traditional history of ethnic groups as one of the breakthroughs in this term . In order to concretize this breakthrough goal, right from the first months of this term, the locality has developed and implemented the project "Developing community tourism associated with conservation and promotion of cultural values, Traditional history of ethnic minorities ".Theo, Dinh Hoa district is expected to form 3 tourism products including: community tourism associated with ethnic minority culture in village village ) With activities: Visiting historical relics in the area, experiencing the cultural activities of ethnic minorities, visiting the experience of activities associated with tea culture, makers, tay hats ; Community tourism associated with historical monuments, landscapes, cultural heritage, ecology and tea culture implemented in Phu Ninh hamlets, Mold Sap, Dong Kiu (Phu Dinh commune) with activities such as: Tham Quan historical sites, visiting landscaping ruins and lake Mold Slap, participating in cultural activities in the Mold Slap tourist village; Community tourism associated with historical, cultural, spiritual, ecological and resorted at the locations: Chu Chu Cho - Hang Pagoda - Lake Bao Linh (Bao Linh Commune) - Deep Lake (Xi Quy Ky) with activities to visit historical, experience and resort ..
According to Mr. Nguyen Minh Tu, Chairman of Dinh Hoa District People's Committee: Through the scheme will clearly identify potential, advantages, Current situation and development direction for local community tourism. At the same time, giving appropriate mechanisms and policies to develop tourism into a local key economic sector in the coming years. The district is also giving and discussing a number of supporting mechanisms and policies for people and enterprises such as: supporting bank interest rates to households investing in tourism development; organize the classes of knowledge and skills on community tourism development for local people; Foreign language training for direct employees ... simultaneously, encourage organizations and individuals to invest in the development of community tourism in the district according to the direction of using domestic labor and development Travel towards sustainability; Coordinate with media units, tourism promotion centers to support local tourism activities ... thereby, gradually creating a cohesion between community tourism development and conservation, promoting prices Cultural treatment - history in the area.

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