Thai Nguyen: Dinh Phuc Duyen

Family Phuc Duyen (in Tan Huong Commune, T.X Pho Yen - Thai Nguyen) is located in a complex with beautiful landscapes, shady trees. It also stores many valuable artifacts, and is also a place where the religious and important cultural activities of the local people. Of the other charming village, now it is the North Duyen hamlet, located right at the traffic road of Tan Huong - Tien Phong commune, guests can easily position the family position by the high-rise, round The yearly five shadows, the ruffled trunk came to the whole hand of adult hugging. Besides, the French rose (a folk often called a quac) is also determined for more than 200 years old

. No one identifies how to build a common situation. Only knowing in the winter of Binh Tuat (1946), the project was relocated on the current position, with a campus with over 1,000m2, located in the central position of 4 hamlets: North, East, South and established . The project is built in the "nail" architecture with 3 giants, 2 is quite wide used as a hall
The coffin has a high-end collapse; Before the harem is a splendidly decorated hammock door, the stations are brought up according to the type of dragon bucket in the face of the tranquil, painted with the gold card. Phuc Duyen Family Introduction: The value of the project is located all columns, the contract is made of very precious Lim wood. The family also stores two styles of the streets of the IX. On the corner, it is always hanging a 1m face diameter drum, called the village blank. It is used when the sacrifice, as an order to focus on the concentration of the organization according to the general convention or alarm when there is an emergency situation. In the resistance against the French colonialism, Phuc Duyen family becomes a place to organize the class "Budget of academic" at night for middle and seniors; During the day for disruptive and elementary classes. Three families are used as a cultural center of the village, organizing activities, learning for youth unions, women, and associations. Dinh yard is the practice place of local guerrilla. The period of war destroying the North of the US Empire, the Harwide Dinh Phuc Duyen becomes a place where the aircraft shells; At the time of making paddy warehouses of agricultural cooperatives. Peace repeated, local relatives voluntarily contributed money of money and effort, carrying out many restoration, embellishing construction on the basis of remainting the same position and architecture as old
Previously held 3 times the festival was: Khai Xuan, entered and the season festival. Currently, gross festivals into one, held at the beginning of the year with many folk games such as pulling, wrestling or badminton competitions, mini football. This location is still the symbol of the village, where the religious, cultural and affectionate activities of the local people.

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