Thai Traditional Costumes Sell Expensive Goods Thanks To Lisa

Fans in Thailand to buy traditional head hats. Sample accessories are lisa team in debut solo MV <: 00/1: 28 Southwife traders in a famous market in Bangkok, Thailand told Reuters that since 11/11, costume sales and Their traditional accessories skyrocketed. "A lot of people have ordered our online store. We have a continuous number of customers coming and asking about the top team caps", Samorn Suthiwong, working At Fashion Point, a clothing store in the market, said. At Fashion Point, the accessories are sold ranging from about 7

.65-30.58 USD per sample. Fans looking to buy headwear Traditional lawsuits appear in Lisa's MV
Photo: Reuters. Customers Mew Lalita, 40 years old, noticed that Lisa uses Thai traditional costumes in debut solo MV to help their cultural heritage more famous. "I think it's a perfect combination of fashion and tradition," Mew Lalita commented. On September 10, Lisa released Lalisa's debut single. The solo song collects more than 100 million views. The Lisa segment wears traditional costumes designed by Asava to receive many positive comments. The costumes made from Thailand's traditional brocade gold silk. The pattern details depicted sophisticatedly. The design is decorated with Swarovski crystals. Also, Lisa wears more hair accessories
The total value of the head jewelry is 5,517 USD. The dress becomes an important factor, helping Lisa's MV to attract. The way female idol cleverly coded Thailand's tradition into Solo MV to be a lot of praise at home. A store owner introduced the traditional head of Thailand. Lisa images appear a lot at the market in Bangkok. Photo: Reuters, @soyaaa __. Phase

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