Thailand And Indonesia Are Banned From Hosting Sports Events

Thailand, Indonesia and North Korea received a penalty from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) because they did not comply with the rules. According to Inside The Games, Thailand did not fully implement the regulations in the new Wada Code of WADA. When applied within the national framework. Meanwhile, Indonesia and DPRK do not comply with testing programs. All three countries face strict sanctions

. Thailand, Indonesia and DPRK are not allowed to host any regional, continental or world championships within 1 year, or Until they were restored to restore the rights to organize. Thai dumbbells were banned from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Photo: Reuters
The athletes of these three countries are allowed to play in the Area, continent and so Gender, but the national flag is not suspended from Olympic and Paralympic.3 also loses Wada members' privileges. They are not eligible to organize any event organized by Wada or co-organized. Wada will cut all aid for these three countries. 14/9, Wada sends official announcements about non-compliance with the organization's rules to Thailand, Indonesia and North Korea, but do not respond . Therefore, Wada conducted sanctions, takes effect immediately. In 2019, Thai sports was shaken when 8 top weightlifting athletes, including 2 Olympic champions, suffered Detecting positive for doping at the 2018 World Championship. Later, Thailand was banned from attending weightlifting at Olympic Tokyo 2020.The members including Belgium, Montenegro and Romania were also warned by WADA, but have provided Evidence allows them to be included in the tracking list within 4 months.

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