Thailand Mobilized 100 Billion To Win The Right To Host Aff Cup

Thailand Football Federation (FAT) and Governor of Thai Sports Agency (SAT) Kongsak Yodmanee is planning to mobilize huge capital to compete the right to host AFF Cup 2021.Theo official information that the Football Federation Cambodia (FFC) has just announced, the drawing ceremony of the AFF Cup Cup 2021 will take place at 15:00 on September 21 in Singapore. The expected time of AFF Cup Cup 2021 is also determined from December 5, 2021 to January 1, 2022.Present, Singapore has proposed to Southeast Asia Left Labeling the plan to stand out to host Aff Cup 2021 If in the future, this country well controls the epidemic situation. If AFF Cup 2021 is hosted in Singapore, the tournament will have to change

. The teams still divided into two tables but did not play the yard yard to compete at a fixed place. The closed bubble process will be applied during the process of tournament. According to the information from Cambodia, the Football Federation This country is very confident to win the right to host AFF Cup 2021
Specific, yard Cambodia National Mobility is that Moradok Techo is supposed to be once finished to organize matches at AFF Cup. The top of the Cambodian Football Federation was given on the morning of August 17 at the Congress The 32nd of the Cambodia Sports Council (Camsoc) and immediately presented to the Southeast Asian Football Federation. According to the Sabay page, Certainly Cambodia will be the country to host the AFF Cup tournament. "Techo National Stadium is gradually improving to organize top matches. Camsoc is confident that Cambodia will definitely organize AFF Cup ", SABABABAY PAGE shared in the latest post. Thua Loan Huy Quan hosted AFF Cup 2021 while that, Thailand was also looking forward to hosting AFF Cup 2021. According to many sources, Thai Labor Football (FAT ) And Governor of Thai Sports Agency (SAT) Kongsak Yodmanee is planning to mobilize huge capital to compete with the right to host AFF Cup 2021 in the form of centralization with Singapore and Cambodia. It is known that AFF will be A support of 1 million USD, equivalent to 32.7 million Bath (about VND 22.7 billion) for the host country
But the organization of award in the form of a closed bubble will cost about 120-150 million Bath (about VND 100 billion), that, FAT is trying to convince the Thai government to approve the budget to support the work organization. If the proposal of FAT is agreed, the Thai government will send feedback in September to the Thai Labor Football to set the problem with AFF. At AFF Cup 2021, Vietnam recruiting is the defending champion to lie grain group Like No. 1 with Thailand, Group 2 is Malaysia and Indonesia, Group 3 is the Philippines and Myanmar, Group 4 is Singapore and Cambodia, and Group 5 are Laos and Brunei or East Timor. The teams are drawn divided into 2 tables, but the form of competitions like the old or concentrating so far AFF has not decided. It is now the current time, Thailand is the most successful team of tournament history with 5 The championship. Singapore every 4 times the throne of this tournament, while recruiting Vietnam has also been able to raise the Cup. Malaysian team every time the AFF Cup championship in 2010, while other teams in the region are not once Crown in this tournament.Ruby - according to education

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