Thanh Duy Suddenly Appeared At Swinburne’s ‘the Autumn Ceremony’ Festival

Unexpectedly appearing as a guest role at Swinburne Vietnam 'The Autumn Ceremony', Thanh Duy brought impressive exchanges and leaving an impression with the audience.0: 00/3: 07 South "The Autumn Ceremony" is a special festival exclusively for Swinburne students took place on September 21. The program includes a glorious ceremony for students with excellent achievements and recreational activities to help young people experience the festive season.He Autumn Ceremony is a special event for Swinburne students. In August, the program's press was the appearance of Thanh Duy

. Rise with the 2008 Idol runner-up program in 2008, Thanh Duy is known for a lot of roles like singers, MCs, actors and champions of many popular TV show games. Recently he was mentioned when re-exporting the entertainment village in the role of professional music program "The Heroes" 2021.The music "The Autumn Ceremony", Thanh Duy brought hits with melodies Catching ears, "addictive" words like Magic, Levitating, British love sold
With an impressive and vibrant performance style, Thanh Duy heated the atmosphere of the festival, making the audience fascinated and passionate with his performance .Clip: Thanh Duy performed the song "Magic "And exchanging with Swinburne students. Many viewers proved unexpectedly before Thanh Duy's fluent English speaking ability. The voice of the hit "Magic" has a long time to have the opportunity to exchange with the audience in English and Autumn Ceremony helped him once again have the opportunity to spread the positive energy to young people. If the activities and changes are in the past time, Thanh Duy said: "In the circumstances we have to spreading social ways and do not meet each other, Duy has decided to find peace , Looking for 'kids' in my heart and nurturing him. "" Duy has no advice sent to students in addition to training, adapt and never give up. Practice deep breathing every day, pondering who is yourself and what our purpose in this life is. " - Thanh Duy share. In the event, prestigious awards have also been awarded to students with excellent achievements in the Summer semester. Not only are students who are active and always trying to study, the Swinburners also showed that they are the potential "artists" in the future
At "The Autumn Ceremony" also took place awards for the The work of the Sut's Got Talent in season 1 with the "Songwriting Contest" challenge. After two months, Swinburne's "seeds" were gradually revealed. With the theme "Change for success", the contestants have shown their talents and personality through the process of self-composing melodies, lyrics and manufacturing head MV.Clip: composing "Moving on "From SWinburne Vietnamese students, the content of compositions mainly talks about the spirit of young people, dare to change to overcome its limits and become a better version. This can be considered a bright spot on the exploration in artistic creation. Some outstanding works must include: Change-Maker, S Generation, Still Fine, You're Ain A Boss, Moving On ... The end of the program, SWinburne Vietnamese students have had an interesting time when possible Experience mid-autumn colors like Werewolf, Gartic Phone, among us. Interestingly, all of these activities are even more online but still bring them to full emotions. The "Online Chemistry" period facilitated students to have the opportunity to experience with new things, including new ways to feel the festive season atmosphere and enrich the spiritual life in the lips University.

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