Thanh Hoa: Stopping The Bill For 143 Businesses Owe 303 Billion Tax

Thanh Hoa Provincial Tax Department shall apply the measure of coercion to stop using the bill for 143 enterprises owe 303 billion dong of tax of VND 30, 00/1: 58 nam143 enterprises in Thanh Hoa debt 303 billion VND Taxes have just been applied by Thanh Hoa Tax Department to apply forced to stop using the bill. According to the public list on Thanh Hoa electronic portal, the company has the largest debt number of Hancorp Construction Joint Stock Company. 2 debt over VND 32.6 billion, Poland Production and Trading Joint Stock Company - Bim Son debt over VND 25.2 billion; Construction Joint Stock Company No

. 5 debt over VND 23 billion; Licogi Joint Stock Company 15 debt over 17.1 billion VND; Branch of Song Da 4 Joint Stock Company (Hanoi City) debt over VND 11.6 billion; HUD 401 Construction Joint Stock Company debt over VND 10
3 billion; Bac Trung Nam Joint Stock Company debt over VND 6.2 billion; Anh Son Company Limited Debt over 4.9 billion VND; Xuan Vneco Electric Construction Investment Joint Stock Company debt over 8.3 billion dong; 838 Traffic Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company debt over VND 8.2 billion; Branch of Binh Minh in Thanh Hoa Construction Materials Production and Construction Company Limited Over 16.9 billion dong; Hong Ha Construction Joint Stock Company lias over 4.5 billion dong ... 143 enterprises in Thanh Hoa debt 303 billion dong of tax have been applied by Thanh Hoa Tax Department, which applies coercive measures to stop using invoices
Retention of the Thanh Hoa Tax Department, as of June 30, the total tax debt amount in the province is VND 240 billion. In order to reduce tax debts, Thanh Hoa Tax Department has assigned tasks and attached responsibilities to each civil servant to manage and manage debts to recover debt, enforce debt, effort to timely collect income tax sources . Limited, closely coordinated with relevant departments, agencies and units in the urge to recover debt to the state budget, strengthen tax management, check invoices, check Check the tax declaration dossier at the tax authority, especially for newly established enterprises to disseminate the law to taxpayers.

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