Thanh Son, Kha Ngan For The First Time In ’11 May ‘

After the 'Flower season finds back' ends, the audience will meet the familiar faces of VFC (Television Production Center - Vietnam Television) such as Thanh Son, Luong Thanh, Ha Trung (Trung Too ), Tuan Tu ... and actress from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh Kha Ngan

. A very beautiful scene of the film, but actors must expose them under the sun of more than 40 degrees C. "May 11 days" is the story full of youthful, exciting, positive and sounds. Children's laughs and friends, whether they are struggling with troubles that haven't found a solution
Mother lost early, Nhi was a child so she was used to receiving the love and pamper of Dad and both - Older boyfriend, successful. Children are familiar with the position as "the navel of the universe". With farming, impulsive, childish children, children have lost their own prosperity - the man lovely loves himself. At the same time, Nhi was secretly discovered that his father and she had hidden at the past, everything that happened unlike ... Kha Ngan and Thanh Son in the film. There are attitudes and behaviors that lack calm lead to cracks that can't seem to be mounted. Nhi decided to leave the house, live independently, grasp the strangers in the inn, it is posting, ignored, he, Ms. Van,
.. Ms. Lai Lai gradually changed his personality to adapt , to survive. In the inn to lack enough things, children witnessed Ms. Van's immense love with his daughter, the sesutmatic pattern that children always crave, seeing sincere love but doubt Long "nyple", seeing the mistakes of each individual are corrected by the content of the content, the sharing of the people around. In particular, in that chaotic journey, Nhi recognized his love for posting - Oan Jesuits without the same god. Nhi always expresses her feelings with posting and looking forward to receiving the same thing. But posting still beggars acknowledged by posting unlikely that children of today can understand and accept their mistakes? Is loving enough to stay together? Children come to the village in the most trapped days in 26 years of life. May 11 days here with Nhi Nhu Lac into another world, a pediatric world is nothing, a pediatric world is no longer 'the navel of the universe', ... but also strange, the time That unstable, the village, those strange people have now become an unforgettable part, indispensable in the lives of pediatric and all that is a part that becomes a better version of the main I. Thanks to this time, Nhi successfully welded welding, removing misunderstandings with loved ones, with her a long time she thought that it was always harsh, aversion to her, with people Her father had thought only because of another woman who forgot his uncle-wife. The filming psychology is gentle, but does not lack the lessons of life profoundly, with fun and funny laughter. Kha Ngan first joined the "VFC movie universe" but caught pretty good with the northern actors. Taking on the role of Pediatric, Lady Lady, Selfish, Kha Ngan gave the character to a young, different color. Thanh Son, different from roles of affectionate hotboy, warmth often, this time will show the character posted, a cold, stubborn guy and have sealed hidden hearts. The names in the comedians such as Van Dung, Quang Thang, Artist Ha Trung, which will bring in a funny laugh at the audience.nsnd Ngoc Lan returns to the movie. Rice, notably, the return of NSND Ngoc Lan, the familiar name of the cinema of the revolutionary period and the following films. It has been 5 years now, she retreated to the family, absent on the television screen. In "May 11,", the NSND took over the role of a child, a marriage and many colors. Tuan Tu, after success in the movie "Going home" and "choosing fate ", Seems to have been more attached to the acting. He assumed the role of prosperity and older boyfriend of Nhi. The actors "May 11 days" have experienced memorable days when the film is done in the days of anti-epidemic and around the period of Hanoi to endure the extreme hot to over 40 degrees C. The film context is winter, the actors must wear a sweater, jacket, wool towel, while the weather in the early June in Hanoi sometimes up to more than 40 degrees Celsius, the outdoor temperature is still available higher. This is also a memorable day with Kha Ngan when first taking a VFC movie, following the footsteps of many southern artists who have been very successful before Nhu Phuong, Quoc Truong, Nhan Phuc Vinh, Truc Diem, or Rice Artist Ngan Quynh ... Creative Creative of "May 11" includes director Nguyen Duc Hieu and Le Do Ngoc Linh, with Dop Tran Kim Vu, all young faces but have participated in many movies about successful youth as "Fleesing Thanh Xuan", "Zippo, mustard and em" ... among the tensions of the days of Covid-

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