Thanh Van Attended A Party With The Unknown To Meet Khiem

The party owner asks guests to accompany his wife or lover, to call Thanh Van notification. At the party, Thanh Van caught Double Monday with Xinh Quyen.0: 00/1: 47 Nam Namon saw Thanh Van had a lot of prejudice, and only wanted her to be more comfortable, so I advised Thanh Van to come to my mother one some days. Thanh Van does not want to leave because fear of My Ngoc will be agitated in the current situation. Dear Duy thank Thanh Van because she always thought for his sister

. Thanh Van embarrassed and assumed that he was not as good as he thought. Must attend a party that the employer asked to go with his wife or lover, posting a rush to call home thanks to Mrs. Thuy to announce the standard bar bag
Duy Duy Thanh Van goes to shop for clothing, bags, accessories, hairdressing. Thang is moving because Thanh Van is also worried about his sister. Photo: Sen Vang yang is not afraid to sit down to try each shoe into Thanh Van to find her a pair of shoes that bring the most comfort. Although quite hesitated by the cost is too expensive of the costumes that will be selected, Thanh Van does not dare to left his words. Thien Kim.In then, Thien Kim thought he would be the one to be matched Sign only so extremely excited and prepare. However, when she called it, he didn't catch the machine. It is impossible to go with anyone who cannot be corresponded to him, Thien Kim went to the Duy Duy's house.Nghe aunt to announce the Duy Thanh Van to go to the party, Thien Kim was extremely angry. She drank drunk and was exhausted
Kim silently expected himself with half of Kiệt's half. Item and a party with Xinh Quyen.Rieng Khiem invited the cottage to go along. Appearing side by side, both are also a beautiful couple of the party. Unexpectedly saw Thanh Van to go to Duy Duy, humble to start talking. Van Van caught humility with another woman. It was not familiar with Thanh Van but the strange attitude of Khiem was not over the eyes Tieu Quyen. Very confident and full of pride, the sub-raised to introduce me is the lover of Khiem.Thanh Van will resolve when her love and humble every time every difference? Invite the audience to see the next movements of Vietnamese film gambling love broadcast at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel.

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