Thanh Van Painful When There Are Strange Girls In The Neighboring

Thanh Van called for Khiem and shocked with other daughter's voices Catching the machine made her extremely painful.0 ampasses: 00/1: 43 Southern Flags listened to Thanh Van's conversation, knowing she would leave when she would leave I am familiar with the collection, My Ngoc is angry and doesn't want to be close to the collection. When she came to the house, she closed the door, resolutely not playing with him. Thien Kim did not regret scolding to scold it. Thang is worried when America pearls closed his door in the room

. Photo: Golden SenThe girl with strange attitude, signing graciously asked. My Ngoc looked at Thanh Van said: "Because of her", making Thanh Van embarrassed, I was afraid to sign it, she was misunderstood that she was wrong, making My Ngoc. He asked Han Thai Ngoc and known why the US was afraid of being close to himself to collect it, he would chase her sister two
Photo: Golden Lotus in Thanh Van and Doi Duy to coax the My Ngoc is humble prepared a hearty party at the house waiting for Thanh Van. In capital, Khiem starts anxiety when the image of Thanh Van, Dang Duy and My Ngoc is close together as a family should be afraid to lose everything. At this time, humility cannot call Thanh Van. The more skepticism causes hummousness because he said that Thanh Van has changed emotionally, it doesn't come and not listen to his phone. Beside the care for Khiem. In the annoyance, Khiem called the phone For cottages. It is not difficult for sub-urination to realize humility has the priority but she still besides taking care of him. When Thanh Van has resolved the story of My Ngoc, she quickly calls for Khiem. The cottage was besides humility, so she arrested the machine. Thanh Van Bang Hoang
Veutiful mind to hide his identity and his relationship with people who quit asked, but Thanh Van did not have a painful painful girl at midnight at midnight. , Are both the feelings of both are still enthusiastic about doubt? Invite the audience to see the next movement of Vietnamese film gambling love broadcast at 20 hours Monday to Saturday weekends on the thvl1 channel.

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