Thanks To The Kindness Of Generosity, Three Orphan Sisters Have A Better Future

The parents died in turn, while the future faded, three sisters Phuong, Hung, Huy received the attention and help from the side of you to read.0: 00/1: 34nam in the south nears 3 months from the day he Vu Dinh Hoa died, his three children include: Vu Thi Thanh Phuong (17 years old), Vu Dinh Hung (15 years old) and Vu Dinh Huy (8 years old) began to get used to get used to life without absence Father and orphanes both father and mother are the characters in the article "The parents died, the three children were held and lost". 2 years ago, Mother lost for end-stage cancer. By May 5/2021, I died after a stroke

. Three sisters Phuong, Hung and Huy Lam entered the orphan. Inense before the grim fate, you read VietNamNet newspapers supported the amount of 203,445,000 VND (two hundred linh three million four hundred, four five thousand dong), helping them have an amount to take care of the future. Parents beside, three sisters make up together to live together
The amount of strong sponsors help, they have made a savings book, in front of them to take care of the school, in addition to the backup when they need later. The children are also near the relatives so everyone has things BEFUL AVAILABLE ASSESSURE. Life is difficult but the neighborhood is loved, covering each other. This lacks the emotional deprivation of three children soon bear the orphaned parents. 203,445,000 VND, the hearts of your reading have been reported by VietNamNet to the hands "We really Very ergious heart of benefactors. The sense of use for the right purpose, we recommend that you make a savings book. The future children are still very long, so many things have to worry about. All help is only limited. Thanks to the help of compassionate hearts that are more hopeful, "Mr. Nguyen Van Tien, England of 3 sisters emotionally sharing

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