Thanks To The Ronaldo Effect, Man Utd’s Two Stars Want To Stick With Old Trafford Yard

Ronaldo's presence has helped Manchester into a very positive signal. Recently, both big stars want to stick for a long time with the Leado team to be expected to sit in the match against Young Boys.Man Utd are undergoing a chain of success both inside and outside the pitch. With Ronaldo's shine, they have just been a 4-1 victory over Newcastle and full of confidence before the match to the Champions League. Ronaldo positive effects also helps the team into Manchester

. Important contracts.Theo The Athletic, the player who seemed to be soon and Old Trafford, Paul Pogba suddenly changed his attitude and wanted to continue with Man Utd despite getting great interest in Real Madrid. Not only Pogba that Both Bruno Fernandes also wanted to soon commit to the future at Old Trafford after the Red Devils victory over Newcastle
"The negotiations between Man Utd and Fernandes took place from July. Extreme. Bruno wants to stay, Man Utd wants to sign a contract. Fernandes's new contract is also prioritized to attach to the future of Pogba, "Romano writes on his personal page. MU will keep impressive forces to get ready to get races to titles this season.23h45 evening 14/8, ro Naldo and his teammates will also begin the journey in the Champions League new season. The first opponent MU clashed was Young Boys. I have scored 2 goals in Man Utd's debut in the Premier League, but it is likely that CR7 will not kick in the match on Young Boys club in Switzerland The first match Table F Champions League takes place at 23:30 on September 14 (Vietnam time). about CR7, coach Solskjaer said: "Cristiano (Ronaldo) takes care of himself so I know he will be fast Quickly recover. It has been played in many matches of the season and of course, it is important that we have to help everyone work best, and help him maintain the condition to play 90 minutes per game "Norway people talk about the ability to play Ronaldo and Mason Greenwood - 19-year-old striker:" It's not impossible for him (Ronaldo) to go to the field
Greenwood 19 years old but I have to follow, Controlling his minutes to play, should also manage a minute of a 36-year-old like Cristiano. MU is about to have a match on Tuesday. We have to see what the player itself and the fans ask him to kick the main 11 matches - starting tomorrow's match with Rsc Young Boys in the Champions League ".

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