The 10-year Love Story Of Ho Chi Minh City Couple Joined Against Epidemics

Should be duong thanks to the time to participate in volunteering activities, when it was a spouse, the UK, Tran Tran continued to close the wing in the Journey of Covid-19.0: 00/3: 26 men and the southern southern vaccine -19 Monday on September 5, Pearl Pearl, Cong Anh arranged less items into the small backpack, written on his name to the Volunteer to support the anti-Covid-19 epidemic. Onions in many volunteer programs for the past 10 years, this time, what waits for two people is more difficult and dangerous than that, the young couple is still ready, hoping to contribute to the public The epidemic of the city. New experience and public affairs are boarding teachers at Thanh Nhan High School (Ho Chi Minh City). This time, students only learn online so the two have a lot of free time

. "We intend to join the volunteer team for a long time but have a number of stations. Lastly finished working, suffering 2 vaccine nose, I just opened it as Mr. Xa agreed
The two of the minds of doing anything, as long as they go together, "Tran told Zing. Yes to join the volunteer team to sample plus samples Dong. About one week in recent week, the young couple is a member of a volunteer team to sample community tests in Ward 13, Tan Binh District. For the first time, wearing sealed protective suits, hot, pearls and a slightly overwhelmed, but quickly became acquainted. Struggling to work at 7h, every day early, the group could finish it at 17:00 but sometimes By 19:00, 20h ended. Because of the work of multi-person contact, constantly moving, couple and members arranged in a high school, providing enough meals every day. "Experience a new job, two wives My husband also accustomed to many young people who have a common change. Whether it is a student, a worker, a family married or single, everyone is very sociable, happy, seemingly like family and supporting each other A lot of ". Couple get used to many young people oriented during volunteering. I have a few days of volunteering with a few days but my husband and pearls, the public has a part of the hardness and difficulty of Anti-epidemic force
With the sample group, sometimes people are afraid of pain, worrying about the results are not afraid to test, volunteers must explain, mobilize everyone to understand and cooperate. "Even so, we met many people. People are cute and kind. There are days walking in the sun, the whole group has been delivered by the deliver than the drinking water, omitted by everyone for the left cake, freshwater relay. Although it is not used because Wearing protective suits, everyone feels very happy and touched ". Always together in trips are still 3-year-old students, Tran Tran and Cong Anh all participated in the Youth Club of the Provincial Youth Union Hue, has just operate in skills and volunteered. From small trips, the two are also closer to close. As a friend about a year, both advanced to dating when realizing the special affection for the enemy. Finally last February, when the 10th year of love was the moment, it was time to decide in general a home. From the clubman into a close friend, the lover and his husband and whole colleagues, couples are always companion, on the supporter, cheering the other half. I love each other 10 years before going to a house. " There are many reasons why we feel the enemy is the person I want to hold a hand throughout your life, in which, I think the same direction, passion and interests are one of the important reasons. " Hey, the activity list together to participate in the public, pestry and more. Because the work needs careful to ensure safety, both are instructed carefully about sampling and wearing protective clothes. "First discovered the positive song I was afraid but it was also used to and experienced More. Every 2 days away, we take the test sample for each other to check and ensure health for yourself, teammates and people. Hopefully epidemic is controlled, to not only teachers like wives His husband that everyone can return to normal life ".Mai An Lion: NVCC

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