The 10-year ‘sweet’ Love Story Of The Couple Once Fought, Causing Parents To Go To The Mediation School

Every time that parents have to go to the mediation school, but now the couple of dreams - Minh Hien has 10 years of love, together towards marriage to build a small karma instance.02 / 3 : 17 Money Southern Money (SN 1999, Living in Ho Chi Minh City) can not be doubt that Mr. Nguyên Nguyên will be charming for me the guy I've sweared "without the same god". New, sharing on a forum About love and marriage, she wrote: "Our 10 years, once you are a common class table. Now is the same house (February 14, 12 - 21/21)"

. Picture of The couple since as a student until she was married. According to the sharing of a dream of money, the friend to study level 2 and her husband now was named Minh Khuong (SN1999), now he is working in the field Item IT at Cu Chi Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. Couple together at level 2 at Nhuan Duc Secondary School
Level 3, money and enjoy continuing to study the high school of An Nhon Tay high school. After graduating from level 3, the two people enrolled in general of Ho Chi Minh City College of Technology Economics. "At the level 2, we didn't like anything. Even to hate each other like water and fire . But don't understand why many times the match, jokingly and fell in love with each other. I still remember the day the husband confessed it was on the occasion of love in 2012, at that time we first studied 7th grade ", She said. And enjoy it as a student level 3.When money and enjoy expressing affection together, encountering the obstacles of the two families because they are at least age. Parents on the two-sides feared that the love of the love early would affect learning. However, the couple proved to show everyone their feelings did not hinder both progress
Thanks to that by the 11th grade, the family agreed to give two officials to love. Peaceful time drifted, until January 21, 2021 money and enjoy the husband and wife with a happy wedding. Throughout 10 together, dreaming of money: "Know and love each other 10 years so we have a lot of memories. But the most memorable is the second time to fight to the level of teachers to invite parents to reconcile. I don't remember why we stressed like that. Misunderstandings and prejudices caused two children without the same god, meeting each other was quarreling, not eating to each other ... but now Thinking about just being funny. Currently when two more adults are known to yield each other. My husband is a gentle person, he always cedes his wife 1 step ". Photo couple in the day of the day , Although her husband sometimes is young, it is very loved, the length of his wife, the monthly salary gives his wife to hold it all, after every meal is a bowl ... talk about the future, she is Sharing, now both are still planning a family to accelerate the economic construction force. The couple planned to give birth to their children because they want their children to enjoy the best things. The 10-year love 'sweet like sugar cane' of every couple hates each other like water with fire. Love story of money and enjoy After being posted on the social network received thousands of likes and comments of the population. Most people all admire in the morning since I was wearing a red scarf until the maturity of two people. Many people also sent to the couple of sincere blessings: - It is true that hate of it, the affection of 2 friends is so beautiful, congratulations .- The couple are hating each other like the water This couple makes a mirror.- Rarely love classes and then one house is very good. I wish you happy. - I wish I was like them, 24 years old and not a piece of love to squeeze this role. - They were together for a decade, hoping that both will be happy for a century! Methacine to any couples who are hating each other like water with fire, take care of, know where you are half of each other! Mai Phuong: NVCC

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