The 10-year Trai Was Charged With The “tense ‘spirit Right On The Television Wave Just Because Of A Saying

The boy was fully prepared both material and mentally to marry and just waited for the signal from the girl. However, the final ending makes all unexpected <: 00/2: 5 southern region existing in you want to date, Ha Ngoc Long guy (29 years old) immediately attracted great attention when severe Bring the gift "mountain". SHARE SHARE is a gentle, sociable but there is a large defect is a lot of smoking. Hearing here, Van Phuong Hanh - the girl was chosen to pair slightly frowned, admitted unable to smell tobacco because of sick. Nam Chinh rushed: "When I get used to each other, I will give up

." The girl said it could not smell the smell of cigarettes because he was hurt, he would rush to give up immediately when two couples had a common point. Through a love. It was 10 years later after his first love, Long was still not used to anyone, partly because busy jobs and not found the perfect piece
Even his father doubted his son's gender: "My father asked why not took a girlfriend's girlfriend, I didn't know if there was no dike". Suitable for the moment seeing each other, Long "poured" right away. He donated the gifts, did not forget to prompt lightly: "Remember to press your dental button". This exciting operation has been reminded by "Mr. Mai". Going to the "crab" but failed to fail, what must be slowly. Kiss. My parents bought a house for him already, I'm important. As soon as possible, you're so good, it's very good. "
About the enemy: "You press the button to ask anything, it's too much." Long Long revealed the expression "poured" Phuong Hanh, the guy just hoped to quickly press the button so the charm, but finally Ngoc Long did not receive Get dating agreement from dear. Sharing about unexpected decisions, Phuong Hanh e is acknowledged not to feel vibrating.Mc Linh's right: "We can't squeeze your feelings. Because in you want to date, when do you want to date Really vibrating, I just pressed, sorry it ".

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