The 13-year-old Girl Caused Archaeologists To ‘jealous’ For Finding ‘old Treasures’

With the continuous discovery of many precious antiques, the 13-year-old girl gradually became famous for his strange luck.0: 00/2: 18 Southern regional collar is not a field of attraction The mind of young people but 13-year-old teens from England demonstrated the difference. Milly Hardwick, 13 years old, from Mildenhall, Suffolk, he showed love with the archaeological examination right from small and wanted into an archaeologist in the future. Using metal detectors to find ancient animals and only in his third digging, she has a spectacular discovery. It was 65 pieces of stone belonging to a ax dating back since 1300 BC

. Milly happened to find them while peaching in a field near Royston in Hertfordshire. The 13-year-old girl gradually became famous for his strange luck. The 13-year-old children were known to find "ancient treasures"
"Whenever I went out, I found something something. Once, I found a gold-plated button and a coin of Queen Elizabeth, "Milly shared after digging the ax from the field of the field. This impressive achievement helped her Should be famous and well known. "Every time I went out to play, everyone caught stopped looking at me and asked if I was the one who found an ancient ax. Some even suggested that he took a picture," Milly said.Claire Hardwick ( 48 years old), Milly's mother, said: "It's a great discovery. Other detectors greatly appreciate this discovery. Many people say it is only once in his life". Claire also revealed the local peers that are becoming "jealous" with the ability of her daughter's natural. , especially on the weekend is going out in the East Anglia field with his father, Mr
Colin (51 years old), who has experience looking and detecting metal in the past 4 years. It is known to find ax Ancient, 13-year-old teens were on the first page of Searcher, a magazine about looking for top antiquities. After Milly's discovery, archaeologists also came to the scene to conduct more excavations. Before that, a 13-year-old boy used to stir when found a treasure on Rügen Island, Germany, was specialized The subject is "invaluable". This is a treasure buried from the 10th century and belongs to Denmark's First Harald King. In the treasure there are many precious objects and hundreds of coins that historians say that King Harald Blaand has buried on the run away. Hinh Hoa (T / H)

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