The 13-year-old Girl Decided To Hide Her Parents Divorced With Friends

Nha Ky girl did not accept the fact that the family broken. I hide all friends and always hope my parents will return to each other in: 00/2: 48 Namkhi domains cannot continue to live together, many couples choose to break up as a way to liberate. But anyone thinks that children suffer from broken family lesions. The baby carries the sadness of his parents who are no longer together. This makes Nha Ky sad, missing: "I don't want to communicate with anyone, just want to be alone in the room

. At any time, I think my parents will go back again. The box is empty as her emotions ". Photo: Jet knows the reason why the parents break up, even though I try to sympathize with adult decisions when you think about family circumstances
I just cry, praying my parents come back. Nha Ky did not dare to confide with her parents, kept in his heart, trying not to affect classroom learning. They knew both people injured, worried about me. In particular, the mother is directly nourishing, struggling to make money to worry about Nha Ky and the younger sister. "I really don't expect anything but my parents understand each other, give each other a chance. I don't ask anything more but if both can't go back, I will try to forget. I will be positive with the dream, learning. Adoption of dreams of becoming a singer "- Nha Ky shared. Châu châu pearl Mother Ngu Ky.Id in the secret room, Ms Chau Tran revealed her existing sister and existing husband all had their own life, both already No longer contact
Occasionally, her husband will take the children to the domestic house, or take it out. The moment the epidemic causes hard work, she tries to bribe, cover all costs, worry about school children. . Grandmother will take care of, take care of the children to go to school every day. Nearby, you know your feelings from Nha Ky's friend. Ms Chau Tran confided: "Listen to you say, I love you more. 10 days ago, I cried, saying that my parents turned around. "Chau Tran and he couldn't go back, opposite to the old emotions, the more hurt. The parents divorced all friends. Even of the United States is also starting to close him. One day I said: "I also want to be like how you are full of parents. Going close Here, I tried to convince my parents to come back. I never saw such fierce children. When I was sad, I was also heartbroken. Luckily I have a job, rushing into money, so Take negative thoughts. "Mua Vu Kim Ngoc said:" The adult story loves each other, coming together but after a while, emotions, emotions can change. If the mother regularly confideses with your child, I will receive everything more softer. Children's conversations understand a more adult society that will later receive ". MC snail bar shared, marriage is not is the only thing and divorce is not a bad thing. , decide to hide her parents to divorce with friends:. Source: Jet Thuong I want to say, Nha Ky will broadcast at 19:15 tonight, November 26 on VTV9.

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