The 18-year-old Dutch Boy Was Chosen As The Youngest To Fly To The Universe

On July 15, Blue Origin's missile company announced, on a trip on July 20 to the same billionaire Jeff Bezos, next to 82-year-old astronauts would be the oldest to fly to the universe, having a bar 18-year-old year, will be the youngest 9: 00/2: 06 male 18-year-old Boys Oliver Daemon. Photos provided by the family. The Blue Origin company said, Oliver Daemen, 18 years old with Father is the director of an investment management company in the Netherlands, which will be the first paying customer, but the company does not Revealed Anh.nh Daemen to win the fourth and last seats on the space compartment after the winner of the $ 28 million auction was not involved because of the scheduling conflict. He said, Blue Origin gave a suggestion in a sudden phone call last week

. "This is unintable!" Daemen said in a statement. "The flight arrives and into space only takes 10 minutes, but I know that this will be the most special 10 minutes in my life" .oliver DAEME has a 2021 aircraft post
(Family photos provided). Daemen had graduated from high school last year and studied for a year to get a separate carrier. He will enroll Utrecht University in the Netherlands in September. His Mr. Joes Daemen, founder and CEO of Somerset Capital Partners, a private joint stock company in Oierwijk, Netherlands. Both parents are on their way to Texas on July 16 to prepare for the premiere. Daemen said he auctioned the chair to fly into the space in the auction on June 12. "But when the bid began to skyrocket in the auction, we gave up," he said in a statement.Oliver Daeme dreams flew into the universe since 4 years old. (Photo taken in 2006 provided by the family)
On the first flight of Blue Origin into the universe also: Mr. Mark Bezos, the brother of the billionaire Jeff Bezos and Ms. Wally Funk, 82 years old, one of 13 African women The public has been trained to fly into space in the early 1960s that are not taken off because only men are allowed. Bad people will fly on the New Shepard missile in a 10-minute flight launched West Texas, USA. The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos will become a second person to drive his own missile into space, after Richard Branson Richard Branson 9 days. In history, the Soviet Union Ghermon Titov holds a record person The youngest flies in the universe at the age of 25, when flying into orbit 4 months after Yuri Gagarin, the first person to fly into the universe. The illustration of Blue Origin when the ship flies to space. Le Lam (according to AP, Reuters )

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