The 19-year-old Hot Girl Caused Ngo Yornen ‘celebrated’ Sanly ‘with A New Move

After more than half a month 'silence silence', My Truc - Hot girl 19 years old element of Ngo Yorni 'hunting' adolescent girl suddenly responds to the old believing of caught: 00/1: 58 namsina domain reported, on August 16, the People's Procuracy of Chaoyang District (Beijing) published in announcement on the official Weibo page, approved the official arrest warrant for Ngo Yorny because of suspect rape after the process Survey in accordance with the law. Then, some netizens discovered My Truc - Hot Girl 19 years old "posted the forum" to be alcoholized by Ngo Yorn and forced two years ago, as well as the limitation Like "hunting girls" adolescent singer born in 1990 - hit "likes" the post of Trieu Duong district authorities. Besides, in the chat group with fans, the US Department shared: " Final! Thank Cong Trieu Duong District. They are really good. Thank you, we will be fine

. "This is the first move of the US dollar on the social network after more than half a month" silence ". Earlier, when the old love was kept on July 31, she didn't have any feedback. Not only that, the beauty also erased all posts related to Ngo Yorni, looking for male singer's name on Weibo did not produce any results
Her last post on the personal page is on 29/7. The last photo is posted by My Truc Doi on the personal page after deleting all traces of Ngo Yife Bones. The new Earth of the old love Ngo Yon Phàom received attention from a large number of Chinese netizens. Besides the encouragement, cheerleading the US dollar early returns to normal life, many negative reviews of her, criticizing the things she did Just for personal proficiency, exaggerating everything to seek agreement, want to be famous with scandal and also show signs of blackmail side of Ngo Yorni. However, a lot of people standing towards the 19-year-old hot girl. They said that no matter what the purpose of My Truc did, she helped the public overlook the true face of Ngo Yorny. "Please support this brave girl. A teenage girl pursues the stars and wants to be famous for normal. But raped is not her fault. "" Whether it's for your own benefit or this is an intrinsic girl, at least she said it
Not everyone is brave enough to reveal the forced himself. "Mystery received a lot of support from Chinese netizens.Tú OanhTheo Sina

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