The 3rd Missosology Introduced The Runner-up Kim Duyen, Why Did Vietnam Represent This Favor?

Missosology Beauty Page Surprise When the 3rd of the 3rd Duyen Runner-up, Vietnam's official representative will participate in Miss Universe 2021 Arena, what is the reason for this special favor? Do the competition Miss Universe (Miss Universe) The 69th time was organized for the 2020 ending ending about 1.5 months ago, so currently the number of candidates registered to join Miss Universe for the 70th time only 6 beautiful people Coming from Belgian countries, France, Greece, Mexico, Namibia and Vietnam. Vietnam is not only the first Southeast Asian contestant to enroll in this arena, she is also one of the tests The earliest name in the list of official beauties attending Miss Universe 2021.So with the remaining beautiful people in the official candidate list of Miss Universe 2021, Runner-up Kim Duyen is the contestants The most up-to-date photo, Zhou's best and the best at the moment. This reason is, so Missosology is impressed with Kim Chuyen, so it has continuously introduced her

. The third time mentioned Kim Duyen, Missosology writes (temporarily translated): "This is the glossy and seductive you need from Miss Universe Vietnam 2021 Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen." Missosology is a specialized beauty page Conforming and predicting beauty arenas in Big 5 systems, including: Miss World (Miss World), Miss Universe (Miss Universe), Miss International (Miss International), Miss Earth (flower Hau Earth) and Miss Supranational (Miss Super National). Currently, information about the Miss Universe 2021 contest is quite small, the amount of candidates is not much, so the update of the information about this competition is very limited
Besides, the Kim Chuyen runner is very hard to update his image, so Missosology gives her a favor to be introduced to 3 times for more than 1 month is also understandable. Hau Kim Duyen is the main representative Vietnam's awake attend Miss Universe 2021 (Miss Universe 70th), expected to begin on January 16, 2022 in the capital of Costa Rica.Jeanie

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