The 5-year-old ‘bride’ Died After A 6-hour Wedding Makes Many People Choked

It is not a sad marriage case, which is a touching story.0: 00/2: 16 male Mary Massey, but only 5 years old but it was not lucky to enjoy the good things Living is waiting for me ahead, because you have a malicious cystic fibrosis. Mary Massey always had a dream that would become a beautiful bride on the wedding day. And when every effort to save life, I completely failure, the only thing everyone can do is realize Mary's dreams. So, when doctors at the hospital Mary is treating the inform The family that she no longer lived because the disease was getting worse and worse, they decided to make her dreams into reality

. This rush wedding is full of wedding rings, wedding cakes and of course You must lack the groom. The groom was chosen that was Damiem, a friend of Mary. Damiem seems very excited and ready to receive this great blame
Damiem is excited in the role of "groom" of the 5-year-old boy even offering a marriage to Mary to prove himself . According to Kayla's sharing, his dear groups planned to get married since they were only 2 years old. The wedding was held right next to the sick bed because Mary was too weak to move and I couldn't leave the devices that supported the life. Mary's vow was officially true when she was with her Damien's dear friend gives each other Mickey and Minnie mouse-shaped rings, then hugging a tight one. "The 5-year-old bride" Mary wears a gray princess dress, the pink crown team and the "small groom" Damien extremely adjusted and "shaped" in the suit. 5-year-old couple together together to enjoy the one Cream cake with mickey and minnie mouse shape - bride's favorite cartoon character - groom. Because of weak health, small brides must lie in bed. And for a moment, everyone doesn't handle tears when witnessing a small groom lying down next to Mary and then grabbing her hand. But is full of 6 hours after the wedding, Mary died "in Mother's arms, happiness and no pain ". Although Mary left, she did not forget and always thought she was still here beside them, every day, and forever
If as a marriage in the world was opposed and reflected The dark face of how much the customer is married of this 5-year-old couple, causing people to feel intoxicated, painful. But however, the girl Mary also got along with the greatest happiness during the 5 short year on the world, peacefully and softestly.

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