The 50-year-old Man Revealed The Youthful Secret Like A Boy 20

Tristan Lee said that healthy lifestyle and skin care habits are the secret to the youthful appearance of Anh.0: 00/3: 14 namtristan namtristan has a young appearance like a 20-year-old boy .tristan Lee From London, he is a fitness enthusiast. You must always bring a driver's license, passport and even birth certificates to avoid trouble because of their youthful appearance. The 50-year-old man acknowledged with Botox in days and injections made Full of cheeks, but unprecedented cosmetic surgery

.Share his know-how, Tristan revealed, which was the result of 35 years of daily skin care since his face began to have acne at the age of 16. He also regularly implements beauty care treatments such as micro-point transplanting, micro leather grinding to keep himself a young appearance. "Take care of the skin basically but have to do regularly", Tristan said
"I did it every day for 35 years, just missed 5 days during that time. I can get sick, drunk, but still do it. In addition to skin care, you need a deep sleep, then healthy diet, exercise, stress control. Finally, other things like Botox injections ".tristan said that the key key is to use a lot of skin lotions regularly and carefully." Because I had a little injected Botox so everyone always said that 'Oh , that's because he intervened and was why he looked young 'but I think the injection is only partially. Because not all those injecting Botox look like 25 years old ".tristan followed a vegan diet for 7 years. He believes that avoiding refined sugar and processed food is also the key to his youthful appearance. Exercise, he walks at least 30 minutes a day and has a personal trainer guide 3 Session
"You can apply a 300-pound moisturizing cream to face but if you eat a lot of sugar, drink lots of alcohol and smoking, it's not useful," he said. Not only appearance Tristan has a young personality. Although there are extremely toned appearance and photos on Instagram are filled with attractive, but Tristan says that maintaining muscles and keeping agility to fight aging is the target His main, rather than looks beautiful. He thought that his youthful appearance was a "blessing of many ways". "People don't believe me, they think I cheated. I used to participate in many meetings and asked, 'Who is this boy?' When I went to the doctor's surgery room to get a prescription, they expressed like 'This is for your father?' "." If I don't carry my body when I go to the bar before they Will not sell to me. People do not respect me because they think I'm lying. So it's not a young person always well ". Another special factor, Tristan believes that youthful thinking also helps People have impressively younger brothers. "I am very happy, open. To have young energy, positive, what we eat, how we move and how we control stress are Very important. Because extreme stress affects aging, it not only affects your skin but your soul ".tristan used to be a alcoholic but now he only enjoys a glass Red wine about 5 times a year. However, he has an intense love with black coffee, which he will never give up.Chia sharing his skin care tips to others, Tristan said: "I Try to use natural skin care products and I don't spend much money for it. Ideally, the kind of fragrance because the aroma can make skin heavy. I am a big fan of hyaluronic acid, it has many different shapes and sizes, basically it's like water in your hand. That's probably my favorite product. "Duong Duong (According to Mirror)

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