The 9x Singer Has A Hot Body To Diet To The Level Blurred

Female singer Solar (Mamamoo) decided to diet and practice GYM according to harsh regime to have a hot body but the overstalling diet made her eyes blurred, always dedicated.0: 00/1: 43 nanzing domain conductivity Insight, female singer Solar (Mamamoo) acknowledged the harsh diet that caused her eyes to fall into a state of church, losing focally and could not concentrate when he looked around everything around.Solar diet, exercise Severe shape for magazines. Photo: Naver.In Boss in The Mirror of KBS, Female singer Solar revealed after being chosen as a model for a magazine for men, she decided to diet to change body shape

. "My eyes can't focus on floating," female singer shared. According to Solar, her vision blurred, the eyes began to be shaken. Arriving when practicing sports she shared with her coach that in the day she only ate a little salad, 150 grams of beef, two fruits Boiled eggs and half apple
Thanks to the rigorous diet and thick training schedule she lose weight successfully. Joining as a guest to join the Boss in The Mirror, MC Jun Hyun Moo said: "This is the first time I saw Solar There is so poor expressions. Her eyes did not concentrate, always dull uniform. " MC Kim Sook said that Solar reduced many pounds but the female voice sounded unchanged. Both the body and her spirit were exhausted, distracted. There was a beautiful appearance but the solar singer forced to overweight causing the health and spirit of the singer. However, because of the responsibility with the job, she is still determined to maintain her strenuous weight loss. Mamamoo music Group. This also has members of Mamamoo with Solar that makes fans criseas when losing weight Speed. Specifically Moonbyul had to diet "dry blood" to reduce 11 kg in 1 month
The singer has a hot body after a reduction of 11kg.After bao efforts, Moonbyul now was able to confidently shine on the stage. She always wears charming outfits. Her slender body is the dream of every sister. Chi (T / H)

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