The Aesthetic Doctor Carrying A Dead Girl Who Died When Breast Augmentation From Ho Chi Minh City About Tea In Honor?

The father of the aesthetic doctor carrying a girl's body to die when breast augmentation from Ho Chi Minh City on a Camp in Tra Vinh thanks to the Camp in the Carriage to declare the initial information instead of 9: 00/1: 49 Nam Day 8 / 7, CSDT police offices of Cau Ke district (Tra Vinh) said the unit handed over Mr. P.D.H. (59 years old) and daughter (17 years old) living in Binh Hung Hoa A ward, Binh Tan District for CSDT Binh Tan District Police (Ho Chi Minh City) to verify, clarifying the information a girl died when lifted The chest in his clinic is illustrated

. via work, initially H. declaration is a cosmetic doctor with a cosmetic certificate and has worked at a large office district 11. Then Private activities and opening clinics in Ma Lo Street, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Also according to Mr. H., July 3, NTT (30 years old, temporary residence Binh Tri Dong, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) to the clinic for breast augmentation surgery. During the surgery, this girl was purple, difficulty breathing and died. At night 4/7, Mr. H. with a 17-year-old daughter took the victim's body to the car to take the car to Tra Vinh province according to the paper information Sheets obtained on the victims. However, due to no road, Mr. H. rides lost cars to Can Tho City
Being directed by the people, he turned to the car toward Tra Vinh. When it comes to Hoa An commune, Cau Ke district is dark, the phone is out of battery not to contact the victim's family, so the doctor gives the car to a camp in a box. I claim to be a charity, thanks to the Camp in Shroud The girl with a cost of VND 20 million but before 2 million. He asked the farm owner to preserve the coffin, the next day there will be someone who came to receive and pay enough money. The Camp Ark saw the abnormal incident should report to the police. After many hours of working with the investigating agency, Mr. H. Admitted the breast augmentation surgery to kill the girl. Dong An Cau Ke district has coordinated the police of Binh Tan district to autopsy and handover the victim's body for maiden family.Chu Huy

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