The Agent Of The Princely Will Attend Real Life

In Kim Dung's novel, agent is the beautiful, rich kingdom. In addition to real life, this is a famous destination located in Yunnan, China. In the novel of Kim Dung, the union is the Prince of the agent, a small peaceful, beautiful, blooming flowers, with people People are gentle, mainly in Buddhism. In addition to real life, this is the kingdom that survives from 937 until 1253, now the place of livelihoods of Bach in the province of Yunnan province, China. Photo: China Discovery

. This day, the agent is an attractive attraction, with many things for visitors to explore from the ancient citadel, the temple, tower to the lake and the surrounding mountains. From a distance, visitors can see the Tam Tower ancient glass shadow into the water. Photo: MeigianBao / Shutterstock
Lowness and high height causes agents to have a subtropical high-temperature climate, short winter and summer are not too hot (25 degrees C), more rain. That makes this land green plants well, pleasant weather. Photo: EasyVoyage. Here, the ancient citadel experienced the invasion of the Mongolian Empire in 1253 is still almost intact to the hour. The city has a terrain of Thuong Son mountain, overlooking Hoira. Photo: EasyVoyage. Unique structure and science of this building made guests surprised. The main roads are built perpendicular to 4 city gates, branch roads are also planned in line, square. Photo: China Travel Guide. Houses, ancient works gives this place a beautiful beauty and air
The agent was chosen by many Chinese drama, including Thien Long Bat Bo's copy of Truong Trung Trung. Photo: EasyVoyage. The main street of the bustling agent with stalls selling souvenirs, local products, restaurants, restaurants ... in particular, a small stream street - originating from Thuong Son Range - attracting visitors by lovely, romantic beauty. Photo: BigonTrips.To keep the beauty of the ancient city area, the development of industry is limited to more modern urban areas. New construction works in ancient citadel must follow traditional architecture, with white walls and tile roofs. Photo: Remote Lands.Inat ancient city, visitors can also visit Dung Holy Pagoda next to Tam Thap and Hoira - China's third largest freshwater lake. Photo: Santa Ngoc Dong

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