The Appearance Of The Carpet Like The 70s Of Chau Tinh Tri

In recent years, Chau Tinh Tri is commented to look older than real age. Currently, 'comedy king' became the focus of being suspected to date a 17-year-old girl. The birth was born in 1962, possessing a very handsome appearance. However, the height of the comedian is not prominent. Photo: ZingTo step into the Academy of TVB, Chau Tinh Tri must wear shoes lining height

. Photo: Security, rich, but "comedy king" less invested every time she joined the event. Photo: Anti-capital security in recent years, Chau Tinh truth loss of performance. He always appeared with white silver hair, revealing his skinny body
Photo: VietNamNet Age with Chau Tinh Tri, talents such as Luong Trieu Vy (in photos), Luu Duc Hoa, Le Minh ... still looks attentive. Photo: zing Trinh Trinh is known to be a workplace. A writer is also the partner of Chau Tinh Tri said that the actor sometimes wrote the script from early morning to late evening, only a few hours of sleep. Therefore, many netizens believe that the urgent chity is older than the actual age due to spending a lot of experience. Photo: People in the edge of the edge, have information in Chau Tinh Trinh for each donating bone marrow, so some argue that this is the main reason why he is increasingly weak. Photo: People in the age of 59, Chau Tinh Tri are still single. Recently, he was suspicious of the 17-year-old girl's hot girl
As a representative of Chau Tinh Tri, actors have no new love. Photo: VTVXem Video Introducing Chowzhong's Fishery Fishery Movie. Youtube / CGVThu daisy source

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