The Article Describes The Trees Of A Student That Makes The People Laugh: ‘does This Tree Do Not Like?’

Related people I was curious to not know the teacher when reading the article "fainting along the horizontal 'before the' hegemony 'of this student? 0: 00/1: 11 male in the familiar cards Elementary school is the tree. Perhaps children who have took time to think about to find a special tree and describe so or dough. But it is difficult to use it, but it is difficult to "go" with the super solid tree This particular student of this student: Baby students named all kinds of trees like a sample and describe the tree ..

. ATM is smooth. "Near my house there are lots of trees. The phoenix tree has, tomorrow tree, multi tree Also
But my family likes the most trees ... ATM. Daily, people who come to care. It's the ATM of the bank ... it's blue, with the screen and button to click Select the amount of money you Need. In addition, it also has places to get money, where to withdraw cards
It is very high and big, every day and my mother also see that my mother is miserable on the steps to withdraw money. This ATM tree, because the tree not only gives money but also beautifies the neighborhood of my house. "It must be said, everyone has to laugh at the extremely humorous" true "thesis of this student. Including ATM trees, don't you like it? Logue when reading the article and laughing and laughing, curiously don't know if the teacher finished reading "fainting along the horizontal faint" before the "hazard" of his student? Linh Chi

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