The Artist Family Has 6 People With Covid-19 Recovery

After nearly a month of hospitalization, the health of Trong Thinh musician family was stable. The wife and two of his two children returned home in the afternoon of 19 / 8. Change with Zing, singer Kim Chau - Dao Trong Thinh musician wife - said after testing and with negative results with SARS-COV- 2, she and two children were discharged from the hospital, returned to the house on the afternoon of August 19. "When listening to the doctor informing 3 moms, he had completely recovered, the feeling of excitement. After arranging furniture, Luggage, we left home

. I thank the dedicated care of a family doctor for the family in the past month, "said female singer. Mội tran trong prospered critical. Photo: @ DaoTrongThinh
The thao Trong Thinh musician, he announced its health status stabilized, can eat and walk orally normally. However, the O2 index in the blood has not reached the level of permission, so male musicians must stay in the hospital to follow at a few days. "My parents are also in the hospital to inject drugs and follow a few days. So, I'm here to take care of my parents. I hope everything is fine to get home soon, "said Thao Trong Thinh musician to tell Zing.Anh to tell the last month as a journey to overcome the door of itself. At a time, male musicians fell into critical conditions, depending on the breathing machine. "I was lucky to live as a doctor at Le Van Viet General Hospital. Without them, I'm sure me Has become an attempt to music. My disease happened quite quickly
In 4 days, I fell into critical conditions, injecting drugs, water transfer and breathing two continuous oxygen flasks, "he said. Musicians love paths, in the moment standing in the middle of the lines of lives - death, he thinks much about his family and attempts to fight Covid-19. "I always try to think the most optimistic and vase Static to overcome violence. With this disease, the most important is the breath. The more you try to breathe deeper. When passing the critical period, I go online to find breathing exercises and follow daily. After That, I slowly quit the habit of depending on the breathing machine, "said male musician share.Nam Musician said you changed the way to think about life, health after passing Covid-19. Photo: @ DaoTrongThinh.nh said he realized many lessons after the journey to fight with Covid-19. The most important thing for male musicians and family is health. "Previously, I rely on health and less sports. After getting this disease, I changed my mind. Next time, I will Find a yoga, eat a lot of green vegetables. Even without hospital but in my body filled with positive energy sources, like being reborn. I also changed my own way of life, going to open and get more " , Thao Trong Thinh musician looked at. Mass of Trong Thinh was born in 1984, which is the author of many famous songs like love roads, forever a winter, hurry ... his wife - Kim Chau born year 1991, is a free singer.Hoang Yen

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