The Artist Hidden Banksy Confirmed The New Series Of Murals

Mysterious Painter Banksy has confirmed that he was the one who made a series of new works that appeared in the eastern coastal cities in England.0: 00/2: 12 namtheo guardian, in a piece of tape posted On Instagram, Painter Banksy appeared in an old camping car, then in turn made his works in a series of places along the east coast of England. As in other videos, Banksy's identity Still kept confidential, this painter appeared with the hooded hoodie and did not reveal the face. The first item was a mouse to stay in the chair, sipping a cocktail in the umbrella torn. This painting is painted on a barrier wall of a beach

. The wall painting the mouse is on the seat, sipping the cocktail under the umbrella torn. Photo: BBC.In another work, a beast machine drawn on the wall behind the public bench
Standing from afar, the viewer will see as the guests sitting on this bench prepared to be picked up. A other picture of 3 children sitting on a boat, first looking forward to a binoculars While the last one was trying to slap the water out of the boat. The top appears the words: "All are on the same boat". Banksy's new products appear in Lowestoft. Photo: Guardian. On the roof of a bus waiting house is the image of a couple dancing according to the tone of accordion music beside. This is a black and white picture, evoking the feeling of fading at a bustling resort area of the country. Since no confirmation, has speculated that Banksy is the author of the murals This after they grow in towns in Suffolk and Norfolk. In recent years, Banksy began to attract greater attention from the public, after his work began to reflect social reality A deeper way. Topics include immigrants on him, opposing Brexit, extreme Islamism
The price of Banksy works also increased a lot in the art market. One of Banksy's new works. Photo: AFP. March, Banksy has raised £ 16.7 million - record money - to support his health system between pandemic. This is done through the auction of paintings that describe a child to choose a nurse toy to do his superhero, instead of bat people and spiders in the box. Banksy's works mostly Welcome by the locals, but because it is done in public so it is sometimes destroyed. This great destruction is done by Team Robbo - the group includes mural artist fans King Robbo. Robbo and Banksy had a match that lasted decades until Robbo died in 2014.

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