The Assassination Of The Haitian President: Us Sent Vaccines Against Covid-19, Sending The Delegation To Strengthen Law Enforcement Capacity

In a notice, the White House press Secretary Jen Psaki said officials from the Federal Investigation Department (FBI) and the Ministry of Domestic Security will participate in the group to be sent to Haiti.0: 00/2: 19 Nougosau of the assassination of the Haitian President, the police station stood guarded outside the Presidential Palace, July 7. (Source: AFP) On July 9, the White House announced to send federal law enforcement staff to Haiti, and said that the strengthening of the country's law enforcement capacity is still a pros America's fairy. Investigation of US relationships with the assassination of President Haiti Jovenel Moise this week, after two Haitian American men were arrested with allegations involved in the assassination on the defined Haiti police, These two are James Solages, 35 years old and Joseph Vincent, 55 years old. These two objects belong to an armed unit and go to Haiti through the Dominican Republic of neighboring

. However, the above sources decline the specific comment on the two suspects. 9/7, the Haitian government also Suggested the United Nations (UN) and the US to send soldiers to help this country protect security, especially important infrastructure, after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. Mathias Pierre said the government asked the US to append about 500 soldiers to protect important infrastructure including ports, airports and energy systems
While, according to Haiti police, a group Including 26 Colombians and 2 Americans to assassinate the Moise President at home. Police destroyed 3 subjects, arrested 17 other subjects and was arresting 8 remaining subjects. July 7, President Moise was shot dead at his private house and his wounded in the torture This public. Haitian Ambassador in the US Bocchit Edmond said that the attacking elements would be a foreign mercenary. Up to now, 6 individuals involved in the assassination of Moise President and 4 other elements have been destroyed.Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, has experienced social crises. , politics and constitution, with the protesters blaming Moise President of intentional murders, rampant corruption and economic collapse. The opposition said they believed, the term 5 Mr. Moise should have ended in February 2/2021, 5 years after his predecessor Michel Martelly resigned, but President Moise insisted that he had another year at the position. (According to VNA, AFP)

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