The Astronauts Do Not Specialize In Safe Earth

On the morning of September 19, in Vietnam, the non-specialized astronauts in the Mission of Inspiration4 of Space X has returned to the Earth safely 9: 00/2: 29 South Astronauts not specializing in participating Flight into the universe of Space X Group: AFP / TTXVN This is the first civil travel group into the universe in the SPACEX program to launch the space of space tourism.Theo video is announced, set Landing, with heat shields to prevent impact resistance, carrying 4 non-specialized astronauts returning to Earth has been reduced by 4 large parachutes to reduce the speed before landing on the Atlantic Ocean off the coast Florida at 19h06 'morning 18/9 by the US time (ie 6h06' September 19 by Vietnam time). A SPACEX boat immediately approached this device and in turn to bring unprofessional astronauts go out. The non-specialized astronaut was later helicoptered by the helicopter to the Kennedy Space Center, where they started on September 15, after the astronaut did not specialize in safe earth, founder Spacex Elon Musk sent congratulations on the Twitter social network. Meanwhile, billionaires Jared Isaacman, one of the four non-specialized astronauts and also sponsors for journeys, sharing: "It's a great trip and we're just starting

." Spacex technology of billionaire Elon Musk named this mission "Inspiration4". The goal of the "Inspiration4" tour lasts 3 days more ambitious than the mission in July, bringing two billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos into space. SPACEX has not revealed the exact price of the trip
This, the estimated analysis can be up to tens of millions of dollars. So far, SPACEX has taken over 10 astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), but this will be the first time this Group takes The astronauts do not specialize in the universe. The first member of the tourist group is the billionaire Jared Isaacman, 38 years old, CEO of SHIFT4 PAYMENT PAYMENT COMPANY. Ever a seasoned pilot, Mr. Isaacman will assume the role of commanding the mission. This billionaire, the remaining 3 members in the travel group are those who have been selected after a process promoted for the first time at the Super Bowl in February Now. Each member represents each "pillar" meaning of this mission. To be able to carry out a trip, all 4 members have to go through too tr Train crew strictly lasts for months. They have also experienced a non-weight environment and have to complete the difficulty of snow Rainier mountain climber in the Northwest of America. In 3 days on orbit, sleep, heart rate, blood and cognitive ability of 4 Astronauts will be analyzed
Tests will be done before and after the trip to collect data for future travels for customers ./. Phuong Oanh / TTXVN

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