The Astronauts Do Not Specialize In The ‘inspiration4’ Mission To Return To Earth Safely

0:00 / 1: 15 Southern region 19-9 in Vietnam, the non-specialized astronauts in the Inspiration4 mission of Space X has returned to Safe Earth. This is the first civil travel group in the universe in the SpaceX program to launch the space tourism field.Theo video is announced, landing equipment, with heat shields to prevent impact and bearing According to 4 unpredious astronauts returning to Earth has been reduced by 4 big parachutes to reduce the speed (photo) before landing on the Atlantic waters off the coast of Florida, the United States. A SPACEX boat immediately approached this device and in turn to take unpriened astronauts. The non-specialized astronauts were later helicoptered by the helicopter to the Kennedy Space Center, where they started on 15-9

.Spacex named this missile "Inspiration4". The goal of the "Inspiration4" tour lasts 3 days more ambitious than the mission in July, bringing two billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos into space. Currently SPACEX has not revealed the exact price of this trip, but the estimated analysis can be up to tens of millions of dollars
So far, SPACEX has taken over 10 astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), but this will be the first time this group brings unpriened astronauts to the universal space .Phuong Oanh (VNA)

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