The Audi Rs Q8 Makes The Employer Waiting For A Year To Receive A Car?

This unique Audi RS Q8 was born as required by a giant living in the Middle East. It is called by the name '1 of 1 Qatar Edition' and the employer must wait a new year to receive the car. In the past, super-luxury cars or supercar have a unique, built according to orders Of giants around the world, were no longer rare. Meanwhile, the number of cars like Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz is unique less. The Audi RS Q8 rare rare in this article is one of the few cars like that

. The Audi RS Q8 has this uniquely launched as required by a giants living in Doha, Qatar. Called by the name "1 of 1 Qatar Edition", this Audi RS Q8 makes the owner to wait for a time for a year. Audi RS Q8 1 of 1 Qatar Edition is painted with a golden Austin Yellow
This is the option of Paint Audi Exclusive options quite expensive and creates contrast with other black details such as grille, wind slot on the front bumper or a la-zang. In it, the alloy rim of the car has a 23-inch diameter and a 5-spoke-shaped design "Y". In the Audi RS Q8 "1 of 1 Qatar Edition" appears luxurious black leather interior with only Austin Yellow yellow stitching is similar to exterior. The unique paint color, the Audi RS Q8 "1 of 1 Qatar Edition" by Qatar giants also have a highlight, located in the engine. Accordingly, this luxury SUV engine was corrected by ABT Sportsline. In addition, the car is also supplemented with Akrapovic exhaust system, providing sounds like supercars for luxury SUVs. Located below the bonnet of Audi RS Q8 "1 of 1 Qatar Edition" is a petrol engine block V8 , double turbocharger, 4.0L capacity, creating a maximum capacity of 740 horsepower and maximum torque of 920 nm. As a result, this unique SUV has only about 3 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h before reaching a maximum speed of over 330 km / h. With these parameters, Audi RS Q8 "1 of 1 Qatar Edition" is even faster and has a higher maximum velocity than the Lamborghini Urus supercar
The car has a unique Audi RS Q8 "1 of 1 Qatar Edition "This is definitely not cheap at all. In the US market, the standard Audi RS Q8 price has a starting rate of 115,400 USD. Meanwhile, the Austin Yellow paint color of the car costs $ 4,800. Particularly 23-inch alloy rims with a 5-pin-shaped design shaped "Y" costs 3,250 USD. The corresponding number of Black Optic Package black exterior exterior accessories is 3,250 USD and ceramic brakes are 8,500 USD. It is not to mention the cost of upgrading the interior for this Audi RS Q8 "1 of 1 Qatar Edition ".Video: Detailed car to Audi RS Q8 1 of 1 Qatar Edition.

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