The Audience Was Stunned With Lan Ngoc’s Suit, Wearing The Airport, The Right Type ‘wearing Doesn’t Wear’

The dress that Lan Ngoc chose to wear in the flight to Korea is causing controversy. The complimentary compliment, wearing it is widely comfortable but someone argues that actress chooses to flourish, not suitable to go to public site (00/1: 43 nam nunnel on August 19, The Cast of the actual show Running Man Vietnam has flown to Korea together to record. Lan Ngoc was surprised when she went to costumes quite similar to pajamas with wide tube pants, pink two-wire shirt. (Photo: The actress also went to the slippers and sets this map caused Lan Ngoc to be slightly suspended, not polite to go to crowded like the airport

. On the contrary, Lan Ngoc's fans said she needed to wear spacious and airy clothes for a long flight, so it would be comfortable. (Photo: Even Lan Ngoc also affirmed "That's very comfortable" on the personal page as if she wanted to say that she chose to go to the airport according to the most pleasant criteria
However, many netizens still believe that there are many types of costumes that are very polite to be suitable for long flights. As Lan Ngoc's teammates are Thuy Ngan with a wide range of sports style, fabric Soft cotton, comfortable with no one to blame anything. Looking to Kpop Idol, they also often choose airy, soft costumes to be pleasant in both flights but are not affected or deemed Like pajamas. As Jennie in the nearest flight chose a prominent white sports suit.Rosé chose sets with wide-tube pants, T-shirts and sports shoes with thin coats. Rosé's costumes are considered the perfect choice when flying, beautiful enough, trendy but neat. If it was cold on the plane, there was a jacket to keep it warm. During the clothes of Lan Ngoc, it was not cheap, helping the actress showing off the slender shape but Netizens still hoped in the following flights and women Vietnamese screen will choose the outfit more suitable. Snow

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