The Bad Memories Of The Child Are Not Recognized By Their Parents

My parents, no matter how much parents have sorry for their children to study in international schools, their parents don't know how they are under pressure. I just hope my parents don't create bad memories for con.02: 00/2: 39 nam nuoc minh minh minh 6, getting parents to study at international schools, children are happy. I am extremely proud. I felt that my parents love children, did not regret for their children to study at this school

. I know, my parents care about children, I hope you are developed in the most advanced educational environment. However, the joy should not be long, I have to suffer great pressure from my parents. When I knew my child's academic results were only quite kind, she scolded and was disappointed about me
Mom said, spending hundreds of millions of investments in their children learned anything. I feel I'm a useless child. Being afford: "Try to go to the child, the first year, stumble, stand up," I feel the spirit of the pepper. I really grateful to my father. Learn 2 in 6th grade, my teacher is a fastidious person. Every day she blamed her. I feel very embarrassed with friends, I don't want to go to school. However, thinking about my parents have invested a lot of money to go to school, I tried to forget the teacher's humiliation. The head of the head in the study with the will will achieve high results for parents please. Your efforts are rewarded
I have gained a good student title. Your English is also promoted. I wish to go home to see my bright eyes, saw my contentful smile. However, in contrast to what he imagined, his parents had no excitement. Mother also said coldly: "Only 8.2, there's nothing to be glad. Look at the other child. It's like that, it's also in the top 3 of the class". fall. One of his hard-to-school years was no different from being thrown into the river into the sea. The child was silent and walked quickly to the room. The paper was uneducated by me, which was my efforts, so I just wanted to tear away. Grade 7, the study results of the decline. I can only learn quite a force. Depressed children, there is no excitement in learning. Year 8, my results are not better. However, I have identified I have to try harder. In times of despair, I only know how to get into the game to clear the psychology. Because your academic outcome is not as expected, my parents consider me damage, a stupid kid. I don't feel the love of my parents for you and vice versa, I feel myself so far from my parents. When, I also think bad for my life. Sometimes, psychological pressure makes me think. I like to feel alone. Mom, I always hope to receive encouragement, recognition of your parents to see your efforts to make sense. Parents do not criticize children. Learning results do not prove each person's true ability. I still have my own passion rather than useless as my parents think.K.Minh (write)

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