The Bags Are Named After Princess Diana

Princess Diana is an immortal fashion icon and also a rare person capable of turning many bags into classics over time.Lady Dior - Christian Lady Dior appeared for the first time in 1994 with the name Primitive is Chouchou. At an art exhibition in 1995, the former French First Lady Bernadette Chirac brought the Chouchou bag to give guests especially Princess Diana. As soon as she saw, she immediately fell in love with this bag. Since then, Chouchou becomes a bag that appears regularly with the princess

. Conflict continuously in Princess Diana's hand, Dior's bag became the one who was hunted by a woman at the time. As a gratitude to the princess, Dior's house was later renamed the bag as Lady Dior in 1996. The deceased of his lovingly loving the Lady Dior so that she collected all the colors of the bag This
However, the version appeared with her as much as the medium size black with a very diverse costume. Until now, Lady Dior bags are still one of the most expensive designs, making reputation for France's home country.Lady D - Salvatore Ferragamo in 1990, Princess Diana started the Italian Salvatore Ferragamo brand. One of the lines of bags she bought the most is the design of gancio made of calf skin with golden border keychains. This handbag has a simple design, but can be crossed or handheld, so it is very convenient. Diana usually combines Gancio bags and office clothes. To easily combine the dresses and shoes according to Hoang Gia rules, the fairy of the plane used for many years to collect less than 20 Gancio bags with different colors . After becoming a "pet" fittings of the princes, the bag was named Lady D Salvatore Ferragamo as a way to honor Ba.Diana Bag - Gucci here, Gucci and Creative Director Alessandro Michele created The fever decided to "revive" the handbag who was loved by Princess Diana at birth. Tote design with special bamboo handles are first produced in 1991 with the name Gucci Bamboo Handle Tote
With square shape, the ability to contain comfortable clothes, this bag has appeared with Princall Diana has many times a lot of time from the formal events to basic daily activities. With elegant beige tones, Gucci Bamboo Handle Tote helps princess costumes in many different styles. From the elegant dresses to Sport Chic Dynamic Dynamic Costumes, she can combine this handbag.When carrying this "heritage" re-produced, Gucci decided to rename Bamboo Handle Tote Gucci Diana Bag as a gluting to the late princess. The bag will have many sizes with a varied color palette. In addition, Gucci Diana Bag is also designed to add neon-colored leather straps in a bamboo handle.

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